Co-Op Programs

  • 5-Session Co-Op - Students start their Co-Op positions after their first or sophomore year and complete four or five work sessions with the same employer host organization. As they progress through their work sessions, Co-Op students begin to perform jobs they would expect to do upon graduation. This program is a transcript-recorded experience and provides an academic certificate upon completion.

  • 3-Session Co-Op - In this program, students spend all three work sessions with a single employer, much like 5-session Co-Op students. Students begin in the fall, spring, or summer of their junior year. This program is a transcript-recorded experience and provides an academic certificate upon completion.

Master's Co-Op Program

The Office of Professional Practice (OPP) provides work integrated learning programs.  The newest addition to OPP’s portfolio of programs is the Master's Co-Op Program. Students who graduate from this program will not only meet all MS degree requirements in their specific discipline, but also have significant graduate-level industrial experience within a profession of their choice.

Students who complete the MS-level Cooperative Education Program will be well prepared to:

  • Work in advanced technical centers of industry as research and development specialists
  • Work in both private and government research institutions

  • Design and develop advanced products requiring knowledge and experience in advanced engineering

  • Pursue a Ph.D degree

Global Professional Practice Programs

  • GEARE - This program allows students to gain global competencies by study and intern abroad

  • G-PAL - This program allows students to gain meaningful friendships through valuable global internship experiences.

  • Global Internships - The Global Internship opportunities offered by Office of Professional Practice include difference tracks to allow maximum flexibility. Internships durations are usually 8 to 12 weeks during the summer or 3 to 6 months during a semester or during a semester + summer.

Internship Programs and Research Experiences

  • Internship programs allow students to experience several different employer host organizations. The duration of the internship program (IP) experience is one summer session.
    Please note: Also available is an Intensive Internship Program (IIP). With this program, the student will have approximately eight months with a single employer host organization.

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