The Co-Op Certificate

After you have successfully completed both your academic and work-experience requirements, you will receive a degree in your field and a certificate showing that you have completed the Professional Practice (Co-Op) Programs.

Requirements for the Co-Op Certificate

A Co-Op certificate will be granted if you have received satisfactory grades in all work period courses, all additional Co-Op requirements of your school/department have been met, and you have completed the normal number of work sessions.

A certificate may be granted for fewer than the standard number of work sessions required by your school/department (for example, if you got a late start in the program), but you must petition your Co-Op Coordinator to make an exception.

Most schools require at least four work sessions alternating with semesters of academic work to fulfill the requirements for the Co-Op certificate. At least two of the work sessions must be full semester (spring/fall) sessions. Three summer sessions does not meet the requirement.

Students must register for the Co-Op course every work session (including summer sessions) and pay the registration and service fee.