The Education Abroad Network (Australia/China)

Type: Professional Internship
Country: Australia / China
Duration: 8-12 weeks
Compensation: Credit Hours (Depends on Departmental Approval)
Language Requirements: None
Major Requirements: All Engineering Disciplines
Study Level: Junior
Online Application URL:
Application Deadline: February 14, 2011
Internships in Australia are not as common as they are in the United States, however, The Education Abroad Network (Formerly known as Study Australia) can match you with an organization that is perfect for your professional goals. Study Australia works dilegently with their internship placement consultants based in Australia who work with organizations directly to secure customized placements that suit the applicant's career and academic objectives.

The Study Australia Internship Program offers a range of study abroad internship placements for students and recent graduates interested in gaining valuable work experience in Australia.  Students and recent graduates will gain access to Australia's leading organizations and receive training compatible with their employment and/or educational history. 

     * Full-time internships for a semester or during the summer in the field of your choice

     * Optional academic credit obtainable through your U.S. university

     * 5-star housing in Sydney's exciting and vibrant city center


Most internship placements are located in Sydney, but the student can also seek placement in Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane based on internship availability in those locations.

Please refer to the website or email Ms. Amanda Lord at for more information and application.  You can also find additional information here.