Engineering World Health

Type: Developing World Hospital Internship
Employer: Engineering World Health
Country: Central America & Africa
Duration: Summer
Compensation: Credit Hours (Depends on Departmental Approvals)
Major Requirements: All Engineering Disciplines
Study Level: Sophomore
EWH work with university-based biomedical engineers, industry professionals, charities that manage donated medical equipment, the international health community and developing countries to combine innovation in appropriate technology with direct support to medical technology management, maintenance and repair.

EWH improves hospital conditions with a unique multi-step process.

Progress begins with an assessment conducted by our specially trained engineers. While working alongside hospital administrators, the engineer evaluates how the needs of the hospital can best be met.

Next, Engineering World Health assembles a container of refurbished medical equipment and donated supplies to meet the hospital's needs. However, shipping the container to the hospital is far from the end of EWH's involvement.

Once the parts have arrived, EWH volunteer engineers return to the hospital to install the equipment and train the hospital's staff in its use and maintenance. They will also repair broken equipment and train staff the in the skills needed for future improvements.

However, EWH has found that a visit from engineers when the equipment first arrives is not enough. Items get broken in shipment, staff forget how to use the equipment, and occasionally a hospital requires an unanticipated specialty part to use the equipment. That's why EWH, unlike any other organization, returns a third time to the hospital. During the third visit, any additional parts not shipped with the original delivery are installed and the training is reinforced, preserving the hospital's capabilities for years to come.