Why is Purdue's Professional Practice Programs

Good Business for Your Student?

Career work experience is essential to your student's success!

College freshman can become eligible for Professional Practice after their 1st year.  Cooperative Education (Co-Op) is a structional plan of education in which students alternate semesters of full-time work with semesters of full-time study. Co-Op students are placed in professional positions within industry, government, or small businesses.  A student will work on projects directly related to their major and learn from experienced practitioners in their field, which further develops their skills in a professional setting. Cooperative Education is an academic program.  Employers design work assignments that are based on student abilities. They assign supervisors and mentors that are qualified to train students in their professions.



Why should your student participate in this Program?

  • Earns an academic certificate

  • Helps to finance their education and earn $50,000 or more if they complete the program

  • Develops workplace competencies

  • Develops realistic career expectations

  • Improves after-graduation job prospect

  • Establishes valuable employment references

  • Earns higher after-graduation starting salaries (10% or higher)

  • Enhances self-confidence and professionalism

  • Tests classroom theories in an employment setting

  • Helps the classroom experience


Global Opportunities Available For Students


GEARE (Global Engineering Alliance for Research and Education)

This  program is a combination of work experience and study abroad. The student will develop a language and cultural proficiency,  spend one semester abroad in academic study, and receive six months of work exerience in both domestic and overseas locations. This program is a transcript-recorded experience and provides an academic certificate upon completion.


Employers and agencies participating in the G-PAL program will offer a pair of concurrent international internship positions, one for a student from the target international partner country and one for a student from the U.S.  Preferably both students will be housed at the international student’s home for the duration of the assignment abroad.  The G-PAL students can also come from two different academic disciplines.

Internship may be sought by intern or facilitated by the Office of Professional Practice.  The internships are 3-6 months in duration.  The home country student (Home PAL) provides information on housing and local culture to the U.S. student (U.S. PAL).  The G-PALs will be recruited and oriented at Purdue University prior to the internship session. 




Purdue Co-Op Student Statistics

  • Two-thirds are offered employment by their employers after graduation

  • After graduation, salary offers are 10-25% above entry level

  • 90% of Co-Op students receive offers within one month graduation!



Students with a 2.8 or higher GPA will receive a letter inviting them to the Co-Op callout in January.  Please encourage your student to attend!


Email:  propractice@purdue.edu - Website:  www.purdue.edu/propractice - Phone:  765-494-7430


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