Professional Practice education brings the worlds of education and work together through alternating periods of full-time work and full-time study. On the job, the Professional Practice employee contributes a fair day's work for a fair day's pay while gaining the experience necessary for understanding the importance of education. In the classroom, the Professional Practice student studies state-of-the-art theory and learns how that theory can be applied on the job. The merging of study and work produces a top quality education for the top quality person. To the employer, Professional Practice education offers a resource of the best of today's graduates. These benefits are in addition to the value received from the enthusiastic work of Professional Practice employees.

The strength of Professional Practice education comes from the application of the resources of one group to the needs of another. Professional Practice students are looking for an opportunity to prove themselves, to work into a productive career. Professional Practice employers locate and recruit top employment potential while reaping the benefits of university contacts. Some of the best answers in life are simple: apply present resources in novel and productive ways through Professional Practice education. Work smart.

Becoming a Professional Practice Employer

If you are interested in establishing a Professional Practice Program with Purdue, you must complete the online qualification process.

Once you have established your Professional Practice Program and are interested in recruiting Professional Practice students, read about our annual Professional Practice Days and other recruiting options.

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Being a partner allows you to make a meaningful gift to Professional Practice Programs where it will be used in developing world changers for tomorrow! Your gift could make all the difference for a student who needs a scholarship to stay in school and become a Co-Op. Your gift might help fund a global project that results in a major breakthrough.

By partnering with the Professional Practice Programs, you will have opportunity to influence the future of Co-Op students at Purdue University. Our goal is to have the ability to find every student employment and to find every employer an employee. By working together, we believe we can meet your recruiting needs and perhaps even surpass them!

We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you to continually improve the Professional Practice Programs to meet the existing and future needs of both employers and students.

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