Eric Wang

Company: Hamilton Sundstrand-EMI Testing
Company URL:
School: Electrical Engineering
Hometown: Greenville, NC
High School: J.H. Rose High School
Expected Graduation: Fall 2011

I chose Purdue University not only due to its prominence in engineering, but also since it valued me as an individual by providing scholarships and accepting me into the First-year Engineering program.  After getting to Purdue, I was lured by the incentive of money, work experience, and overall improvement of my value to future employers to join the Co-Op program.  Initially I only applied to see my options, little did I know that it was to be an integral part of my life as a college student.  I am paying most of my tuition on my own because of the Co-Op program.

Hamilton Sundstrand is an aerospace technology company with a long history of aviation that involves companies/organizations such as Boeing, Airbus, and NASA.  We have worked on well-known projects such as the Boeing 787 and the Orion.  What I liked most is the hands-on experience of famous projects that are of great influence on society.  However, there were also challenges in working for this company; such as, the stressful environment to deliver a quality product.  When projects are large and effects many levels, it is imperative to do well on an individual level.

There are many advantages to being a Co-Op, however, the top tow being money and experience.  If you are short on money to pay for college, Co-Op is a great solution instead of loans.  In addition, the valuable experiences one gains in the Co-Op program allows future employers to prefer Co-Op students over regular students, thus increasing Co-Op student's chance of employment.