Will Taber

Company: Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Company URL: http://www.kimberly-clark.com/
School: Chemical Engineering
Hometown: Bedford, Indiana
High School: 2003
Expected Graduation: 2008

Will was attracted to both Purdue and the Cooperative Education Program for many reasons. According to Will, “As an Indiana native, there was no debate-Purdue was my college choice. The prestige and recognition of Purdue’s engineering program as always impressed me and continues to impress employers. I also chose Purdue because of the reputation of its cooperative education program. My plan from day one as a freshman was to enter and complete Purdue’s Co-Op program. I wanted to strengthen my market value at graduation and also take advantage of the numerous perks offered with the program.

Kimberly-Clark is a consumer products based company, meaning that most of its products can be seen on the shelves of stores like Walmart. However, I also found out as an employee that the company makes numerous other products for different markets like business supply and health care. The diverse products and size of Kimberley Clark has allowed me to experience many different parts of the company, providing me with a wide range of valuable experiences. Some challenges inherent in this or any job, included adapting to different work environments, such as plants vs. research, and determining the best way to function optimally in each setting.

The advantage for me in the Co-Op program can be summarized in 3 main points: 1. Job experience. This makes you much more valuable to a potential employer. In short, it's the first step in securing your future. 2. Money. You get paid, and paid well, especially for a student. My income earned has helped me tremendously to cover the costs associated with school and helped me take a giant step toward independence from my parents. 3. Purpose, fun, travel. These are all great. You feel a sense of purpose in the classes you're taking when you can apply it to industry. In addition, Co-Oping and meeting new people is fun, and the opportunity to see and live in a different part of the country is a great experience.”