Ty Berilgen

Author: Ty Berilgen
Company: Dow Chemical Company
Company URL: http://www.dow.com/careers/programs/coop.htm
School: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey
High School: Kingwood High School - 2009
Expected Graduation: Spring 2014

Coming from high school, I knew I wanted to study Mechanical Engineering since I was really interested in thermodynamics and engine mechanics. Purdue was one of my top choices as the Mechanical Engineering program was Top 10 in the nation.

I found about the Co-Op program the second semester of my Freshman year. I had interviews with five Fortune 500 companies and I got multiple offers.

I ended up choosing Dow Chemical, the biggest chemical company in the U.S. I really liked how the company had multiple divisions you could work in. I can see the company making the transition to the specialty chemicals industry where the market is less competitive and independent from the gas and natural gas prices, and more customer driven. I would like to have a role in the business or commercial side of this new era. Also, it is a known fact that these industries are having a huge growth in the Europe/Middle East area and I am pretty sure I would get the chance to go back to my country at some point in my life.

I think one of the biggest challenges students experience while graduating and going into full-time job search is to have that related industrial work experience. It is the most important thing on a resume that differentiates you from others, and the Co-Op program is perfect to accomplish this since you secure a position for 5 semesters. Also, you can make a connection between your college courses and the real world engineering work, you can get a grasp of corporate culture, you get to learn how to live on your own, travel the different parts of the country, and have a lot of fun with your co-workers outside of job.