Surabhi Dholakia

Author: Surabhi Dholakia
Company: Cummins
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School: Mechanical Engineering - GEARE
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Surabhi Dholakia is proof that Co-Op positions can open doors to opportunities around the world.

The Mechanical Engineering student has been working as a Co-Op with Cummins, which is based in Columbus, Indiana. In 2014, Dholakia will head to China to work in a Cummins facility there. The trip is part of her work with the Global Engineering Alliance for Research and Education (GEARE) program.  (Find out more about GEARE)

“This opportunity definitely fit so well with my Co-Op plan,” says Dholakia. “I don’t have to worry about finding a job in China. I can just go there with my Co-Op company.”

GEARE is a comprehensive study and intern abroad program for engineering students, which provides opportunities for international work experiences and foreign language development. GEARE will allow Dholakia to travel the world while still working on her engineering degree.

Dholakia says she initially chose Cummins over another Co-Op employer because she wanted to experience the working conditions at a large global company. She says the combination of the Co-Op and GEARE programs fits well with her professional interests and goals.

“Being an international student, I wasn’t used to the idea of working in college,” says Dholakia. “I would have saved myself the worry, had I known how easy and amazing it would be. “