Ryan Shelley

Author: Ryan Shelley
Company: NASA Johnson Space Center
Company URL: http://coop.jsc.nasa.gov/index.html
School: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Crown Point, IN
High School: Indiana Academy, 2007
Expected Graduation: 2012

I chose to attend Purdue because it is a great value for engineering students and has close associations with NASA.  During my freshman year, I was curious about different career options, so I decided to try interviewing for Co-Op positions.  The Purdue Co-Op Program made it easy to take advantage of many opportunities in a short period of time during Co-Op Days. 

Johnson Space Center is very exciting and especially unique because it is one of the few places in the world that is directed to manned spaceflight.  I really like the diversity of engineering opportunities at JSC.  It's empowering to explore my own interests and deveop real projects in fields I enjoy.

Being a Co-Op is great for getting real-life engineering experience before graduation.  It helps students develop very meaningful relationships with employers and immerses them in a working environment.  It is also a great opportunity to set yourself apart from other students.  The experience has really helped me develop skills applicable to class and life in general.