Ricky Hardis

Author: Ricky Hardis
Company: S&C Electric Co.
Company URL: http://www.sandc.com/about/careers/default.asp
School: Chemical Engineering
Hometown: Bandung, Indonesia
High School: BOLD High School, Olivia, MN - Class of 2006
Expected Graduation: 2011

Purdue is an obvious choice to me because of its excellent engineering program.  Two of my cousins went to Purdue as well, so I knew I was making the right decision.  I initially heard about the co-op program during my first semester of freshmen year.  I never thought of getting into this program, but my brother told me, “Just try it and see what happens.  It would not hurt you.  Instead, it would improve your interview skills.”  Shortly after, I received an offer from S&C Electric Co. and decided to accept it.

S&C Electric Co. is a global provider of equipment and services for electric power systems.  The Chicago-based company designs and manufactures switching and protection products for electric power transmission and distribution.  I have been assigned to work in the Polymer Products Division which mostly deals with epoxy.  The projects I have done so far hugely depend on the engineering projects which my division is currently working on.  Each project from each session is different because we often bump into new things.  I love working on a lot of distinct projects and interacting with numerous different people.  I think the most challenging part can be the project itself.  Sometimes the quantity of work can be irritating.  However, I find it very intriguing because I have to look back and remind myself again what is really behind the process.

I would definitely highlight many skills that the student will improve during the work sessions, such as communication, job knowledge and attitude, just to mention a few.  The other thing that I would emphasize as well is the opportunity to work with the same people over the work sessions without having to make any adjustments like when you first start.