Michael James Toth

Company: Detroit Diesel Corporation
Company URL: http://www.detroitdiesel.com/
School: Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
Hometown: Hebron, IN
High School: Boone Grove High School
Expected Graduation: 2009

"What lead me to Purdue was the level of prestige that is associated with the college.  Graduates receive a degree that is recognized nationwide and will ultimately help them achieve their goals.  Not only is Purdue a fantastic university academically, but the broad range of extracurricular activities that you can partake in is mind boggling.  I knew that upon graduating Purdue, I would be a well-rounded individual whom was prepared to enter the industry. 

I became a Co-Op student because I wanted to get ahead of the curve and upon graduation, be a prime pick for employers.  During these crucial developmental years, on-campus life only shapes an individual up to a certain point.   The Co-Op process adds a unique flare to the student and gives them exposure to real-life situations, as opposed to the standardized small scale "simulations" in lab.  In other words, the Co-op employer molds the student so they can smoothly transition into whichever career they choose.

Detroit Diesel is located in the outskirts of Detroit, MI.  DDC manufactures a wide variety of Diesel engines including 14.8L Heavy Duty Engines, Mercedes Benz 900 Engines (MBE 900), and Series 60 Engines.  The MBE 900 is a powerful and durable medium-duty 7.2 liter engine.  The newly launched HDE 14.8L engine is already beginning to replace our heavy-duty Series 60 engine in both Sterling and Western Star trucks.  The Series 60 engine has been and is currently the leading heavy-duty diesel engine in North America.  All together, Detroit Diesel is a great company to work for and I have gained a wealth of very valuable skills.  I would recommend both the Co-Op program and Detroit Diesel to anybody."