Kevin Lynn

Author: Kevin Lynn
Company: Hamilton Sundstrand
Company URL:
School: Industrial Engineering
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
High School: Padua Franciscan 2010
Expected Graduation: 2014

The concept of working alternating with schooling always interested me. The Co-op program allows you to translate classroom formulas into real world applications, all while being compensated and earning experience. It is a win for all parties involved: Co-op is an extended interview with a company, and the knowledge and skills learned while on the job more than help when back at school. It is a phenomenal program!

Hamilton Sundstrand is a worldwide corporation and getting to see how it all works is a challenge in itself. In just my first session, I encountered a company merger, office move, and internal re-organization. Having access to all of these facets of corporate life this early in my career is really helping to shape my expectations after graduation. HS is an innovative employer and challenged me to not accept the status quo, instead pushing to give better solutions with consistent results in the problem solving realm.

1) Nothing prepares you for 'the real world'…except being in the real world. Having my eyes opened to living on my own, paying my own bills, taking care of my own things; it's an advantage that few others are able to obtain. 2) Networking. You can NEVER know enough people. Ever. 3) Discovering what you truly want to do. Most students think they know how they want to spend the rest of their life. Co-op allows you to delve into that and truly see if that's the direction you want your life to head.