Kelley Jones

Author: Kelley Jones
Company: NASA Kennedy Space Center
Company URL:
School: Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering
Hometown: Muncie, IN
High School: Delta High School, 2007
Expected Graduation: 2012

The reason I chose Purdue is because of the option of the Co-Op program. When my father and I came to visit Purdue we asked about the Aero/Astro program and they mentioned the potential to work for NASA Kennedy Space Center as a Co-Op and that really inspired me to come and pursue that opportunity. I had no idea the backing Purdue had in the eyes of Engineering companies until I went to my first career fair outside of the university at the SWE National Conference and that is where I met NASA Kennedy affiliates and said something right and was offered an internship a few months later. Within that intership and was offereded a Co-Op positions and then the rest is history.

What I like about my employer is that they gave me projects that actually apply to the work that is going on and I feel as though I am contributing to the company. Also I feel a great sense of helpfulness from people in my multiple groups that I have worked in. Never once have I felt that I was in the way or not wanted. Some challenges that I have faced with my projects is not having the classes to back me up so I have to learn a subject then work on the project. Luckily my groups understood, were very patient, and were more than willing to help me out with any questions I had.

With the challenge of not having taken the classes needed before hand I was able to go back to school and take the classes with a whole new understanding because I new how it worked in the real world and why it was needed. Not only that I learned what is needed from employees, it is not just book smarts because you have unlimited resources at your fingertips at work. You need to have people skills to have the ability to ask for help from people who have the experience. I would not have made it with out talking to my mentors.