Jeremy Koehler

Company: Biomet
Company URL:
School: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Caledonia, IL
High School: Christian Lifh High School, 2004
Expected Graduation: 2009

According to Jeremy, “I first became attracted to Purdue through a high school friend who began attending Purdue a year before I did. He had great things to say about the engineering program, and I had decided that I wanted to study engineering through my involvement in a US-FIRST Robotics Team. Also, my faith is important to me and I felt that God wanted me to attend Purdue.

When I first heard about the Co-Op program, I did not want to participate because I did not want to be in school for 5 years, and I wanted to work at home in the summers. As freshman year progressed, I realized how vital relevant work experience was and that the cooperative education program is the perfect way to get job experience. Purdue did a great job setting me up with interviews and I received an offer from Biomet. I accepted the offer and started working right after freshman year and am having a great time. Biomet, Inc. in Warsaw, Indiana is a unique company. The lack of dress code, the team members, the ultimate frisbee games, and challenging projects make work enjoyable. As a Co-Op, I spent the first 2 months of my first work session training in the machine shop, drafting department, and quality control department to give me the tools I would need later. Despite my training, I am still intentionally given projects that are too difficult for me to handle. This is to force me to learn how to use my resources to solve a new problem. I am constantly asking questions of other engineers, draftsmen, and machinists in order to learn what I need to know. This has been the most challenging part of my job, but I love it because I am learning how to work in a team environment to solve a problem.

Working at Biomet offer many advantages. The Co-Ops at Biomet receive extensive training. We rotate through the machine shop, drafting department, and quality control department to learn the work order process and how the company runs. Next, we are allowed and encouraged to work in the machine shop. This experience is invaluable when designing because we know how to machine the parts we are designing and thus can design more time-efficient parts. Finally, working at Biomet is challenging for students. Every term I am intentionally given a difficult project that is designed to force me to leverage my resources to complete the project. Biomet is giving me more than five semesters of work experience; it is challenging and pushing me to develop the skills and tools I will need after graduation."