Fady Megalli

Company: GE Aviation
Company URL: http://www.geae.com/
School: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Cairo, Egypt
High School: International School of Choueifat
Expected Graduation: 2011

What attracted me to Purdue was its top-notch engineering programs – I remember when I was applying the School of Mechanical Engineering was ranked 7th in the nation. Another factor that contributed to my decision was the fact that they actually sent some representatives from Purdue to my high school (which was around 7,000 miles away!) and I had the chance to talk to them and get to know more about this amazing university.I got introduced to the co-op program through an invitation letter that I received at the beginning of my second semester of freshman year from the office of professional practice. I remember at that point I time I had no clue what a co-op or even an internship was.

When I got an offer from General Electric Aviation I was exhilarated – it was my dream job! At that point I could not believe that I would have the chance to work with the top aircraft engine maker in the nation while still being a freshman! My experiences there were unforgettable – I was involved in the design and analysis of critical parts of a jet engine and I was also involved with testing one of their military development jet engines.  In every rotation I was given huge responsibilities and worked on projects that really had an impact – I was treated as a professional engineer.

It’s hard for me to imagine going through my college experience without having participated in this wonderful program; there are so many advantages. The work experience I got was tremendous and I learnt a lot about a field I’m passionate about. What I saw at work also helped a lot in my academics since I could relate what I was taught to its applications in the real-world. Also I think it’s a great idea to build this strong relationship between you and the company you’re working for – it greatly improves the chances of finding a job after graduation. Finally, you get to travel across the country to see different areas while learning a lot at work and also getting paid for doing that – it’s truly a golden opportunity!