Devarshi Patel

Company: Robert Bosch LLC
Company URL:
School: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Rajkot, India
High School: The Galaxy Educational System (TGES)
Expected Graduation: May 2011
I hail from Rajkot, a medium sized highly industrialized city in the state of Gujarat, India. The primary reason for selecting Purdue University as my college was its strong reputation in the School of Mechanical Engineering and opportunities for engineering related extra-curricular activities. I think the reason for me being a Co-Op student was very natural. I did not want to take classes and give exams for 4 years. I had a burning desire to see, learn how and why the knowledge that we gain in classes is so important? I needed a reason to push myself through my engineering degree. And well, working anywhere in relation to your field of study is a smart choice to make.  I believe a true engineering education should involve field work. Without any hands on experience nobody can be an extraordinary engineer.  After all, engineering is all about creating better, safer and sustainable systems. I also was not clear what I could expect after spending 4 precious years of my life, and $140,000, of my parent’s wealth. Hence, a Co-Op was a smart choice. It definitely showed me what could be expected out of an engineer in the professional life. What helps and what does not help in the career of an engineer. It gave me an opportunity to identify what my strengths and weaknesses are and also what I like and dislike. Hence, by the time I graduate I have a better taste of industry that I am about to dive into and it will not be like deep water diving in an unknown sea. 

I worked at the automotive manufacturing division of Bosch North America, in Charleston, SC.  The plant houses a manufacturing facility for ABS units, Fuel Injectors and Fuel Rails for gasoline systems, Common Rail and Unit Injectors for diesel systems.  I got an opportunity to do a lot of ‘Design Validation’ (DV) testing on the low pressure fuel injector and fuel rail (Port Fuel Injection), and high pressure fuel rail (Gasoline Direct Injection) during their development phase.  Our department was responsible for engineering development of gasoline systems.  I also got to lead a cost reduction project on the extension tube of a fuel injector. In my final work term I got an opportunity to work for Bosch Production System whose primary purpose is to implement lean manufacturing principles throughout the plant. My assignment was on Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). We were the support group for the complete plant in implementing TPM. TPM is all about going from a ‘reactive’ to ‘proactive’ maintenance approach. It is all about failure prevention and failure prediction of your machinery or plant system by monitoring the health of your assets regularly and reacting to any deviations.  It also helps one identify where a piece of equipment lies currently on the P-F curve. I got an opportunity to use some of the important predictive tools in industry like Laser Alignment, Thermal Imaging, Ultrasonic Inspection, Vibration Analysis, etc.

All in all a Co-Op/Internship program  is a great opportunity to travel to different places, earn some money, professional networking, break from hard core engineering classes, and opportunity to dive into the real world earlier in your career.