Clint Roos

Company: The Schneider Corporation
Company URL:
School: Civil Engineering and Land Surveying and Geomatics
Hometown: Dale, Indiana
High School: Heritage High School, 2002
Expected Graduation: December 2006

As a high school senior Clint Roos considered the Purdue Engineering Program because he was interested in land development. According to Clint, “As a freshman in engineering, he narrowed his interests to either agricultural engineering or civil engineering as two good programs of study for him to pursue. When I learned about Purdue’s Cooperative Education Program, I was anxious to apply for the program because of exposure to engineering that the on-the-job training provides students. I decided to try civil engineering.

I quickly became aware of the Land Surveying and Geomatics Engineering Surveying dual degree that Purdue‚s Civil Engineering offers. As a Co-Op student, after my first session with The Schneider Corporation I was certain the dual degree program was a good match for me The summer after my freshman year, I worked on various survey field crews on projects located throughout the Indianapolis area. I grew up in a rural area, so I enjoyed the experience of living in a city. I had a great experience with The Schneider Corporation - I completed my fifth and last session with Schneider in 2005 and now I am anxious to graduate.

The Cooperative Education Program at Purdue has been a confidence builder. My work sessions offered me diversity in job experience. The experience has also helped me with my classes for two reasons. Working, I learned job information that put me ahead in class. And, I also understand why basic engineering concepts are important because I saw how they are applied on the job. For example, I know why hydraulics is so important as part of our undergraduate civil engineering education. Although the Co-Operative Education Program is a time commitment, it is manageable. Within 5 years, I will have been able to complete a dual degree and 4 work sessions. When I graduate, I am confident I will be a good engineer, ready to begin my professional career.”