Alex Bridge

Author: Alex Bridge
Company: Thomson, Inc.
Company URL:
School: Computer Engineering
Hometown: Fishers, IN
High School: Hamilton SE, 2006
Expected Graduation: 2011

I chose Purdue because it's a world-class engineering school and it was also in state. It was more of a question of why I should go anywhere else, and I couldn't satisfactorily answer that. I was always interested in getting an internship of some sort, but after going to a few meetings, the Co-op idea grew on me.

Thomson is a great employer, and experienced enough with Co-op students that they knew how to treat me in order to make me feel comfortable in the first few weeks of employment. I really like the hands-off approach that is inherent in the company. My superiors don't care about the specifics of how I get something done, they just tell me what needs done and expect it at the deadline. I found the most challenging part was to build up the mental endurance to be able to focus on the same task for 8 hours a day. In school, the most time you have to focus on one subject is 2 or 3 hours, but at work, you could spend 3 days straight working on the same 100 lines of code.

While working at a job site, you will have the ability to do work without somebody constantly checking on you. You will have a set of skills that allow you sit down and get work done in one sitting rather than having to spend days doing work in small increments.