The Professional Practice Experience!

What Do Purdue Professional Practice Students Do?

As a Purdue Professional Practice student, you will learn what a professional in your field does -- by doing it. As you progress in the Professional Practice Program, you will find yourself performing jobs that you would expect to do after graduation. Your position and responsibilities will change through the course of your Professional Practice experience as you become better able to handle increasing diversity, responsibility, and levels of challenge in your work sessions.

Which Employers Participate?

Most employers who recruit graduates from Purdue also participate in the Co-Op program. They range from giants, such as General Electric and Delphi Automotive Systems, to smaller organizations which do consulting work, to several government agencies including NASA and the National Security Agency.

Purdue's Co-Op Program works with about 500 employers from all parts of the nation in a wide variety of activities. All employers are carefully screened to assure that the Co-Op work assignments will provide you with meaningful experiences which increase in level of technical involvement and responsibility as you progress through the program.

Purdue's Co-Op program is truly nationwide. About one-third (31.6%) of our Co-Op jobs are in the state of Indiana. Sixty percent are in the Midwest (including Indiana), and the remaining forty percent are spread throughout the country.

The lists below include all of our "Active" Co-Op employers who have recruited or hired Co-Op students within in the last five years, but are not necessarily recruiting or hiring at this time.

The lists below include all of our "Qualified" Co-Op employers, but are not necessarily recruiting or hiring at this time.  (Some are not currently active).