Engineering Professional Education
Non-Credit Programs

Non-Credit Programs

Purdue offers a variety of non-credit programs for professionals looking to become certified in a certain specialty area, fulfill career goals, or stay at the forefront of emerging trends. We offer nearly two dozen courses and programs—developed by our accomplished faculty who represent a broad spectrum of industries—that can be customized in a way that will achieve your specific needs.

Certification Courses

Certification courses are a way for you to fulfill professional requirements and expand your knowledge to position yourself for career growth. Our Lean Six Sigma certification can be completed without sacrificing your current career, is offered online, and includes the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Lean Principles, and the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.


Our online seminars provide a valuable outlet for you to enhance your professional knowledge and explore the newest and most innovative topic areas related to your field. Seminars are offered online, so you can take advantage of them at your convenience, and may cover anything from issues related to Lean Six Sigma, to hybrid and electric vehicles, to many other areas and fields.

Short Courses

Our short courses offer an opportunity to further develop your knowledge, enhance your skill set, and advance your career. From our Technical Management Institute, to Corrosion College, to customizable courses that explore emerging trends and technology, short courses can be taken at the Purdue campus, at facilities near you, or online.