Admission FAQs

How much weight is placed on the undergraduate GPA vs relative work experience?

Across all graduate programs at Purdue, there is a 3.0 minimum GPA requirement. We're mainly focused academic record. We take into account your application in its entirety, but you're applying to a graduate program and we really try to assess your learning abilities. Besides the cumulative GPA, we also look at individual course performances, how you progressed through your undergraduate program, etc.

My undergraduate GPA was below 3.0. Is there anything I can do to better my chances for admission?

It's an option to take a non-degree course to see if you would be a good fit for the program. There's no guarantee that you will get into the program by doing this, but it may help strengthen your application.

Do I need to take the GRE exam for admission into the program?

It depends on which program you're referring to. It's required for discipline specific program.

I took some graduate courses. Can I use them toward my degree?

Each school has different standards for transferring courses. Credits are only eligible if they haven't previously been used towards earning a degree.

How many courses can I transfer in to my degree program?

It depends on which program you're referring to. Purdue accepts up to 12 transfer credits.

I missed the deadline to apply for the AAE degree, can I apply for the MSE and then transfer?

No. They're two different programs with two different sets of requirements. You can apply to both simultaneously, but you need to let the individual departments know because you will only be admitted to one program. Contact the department to make sure you have actually missed a deadline. They may be able to work with you.

What are the deadlines for applying to "Engineering Education"?

What program are you referring to?