Purdue Online Learning Initiatives

The coming year will be the most exciting yet for Purdue Online Learning, College of Engineering.  Over the past year, we have conducted an extensive assessment of online learning. One of the main initiatives for the coming year is increasing Purdue Online Learning collaboration with colleges and schools across Purdue Engineering and delivering broader learning content for students.


We are pleased to introduce new badge and stackable credential programs that break 3-credit courses into separate 1-credit courses. This program will debut fall semester with a Design for Security program through the School of Industrial Engineering, consisting of four 1-hour courses, starting October 17th.


This fall, we will also be bringing the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering to an edX platform, as well as introducing Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Education online. We are also looking into more transferable courses, enhancing course flexibility for students, and considering additional non-degree programs.


In addition to increasing academic opportunities for students, we will continue to focus on faculty support, working to ensure delivery of quality educational material online by providing faculty with the very best in audio, visual and production technology.


We realize that today’s students want more flexibility, more interactive learning and a greater number of academic opportunities with a customizable plan of study to meet their individual needs. Many new initiatives are in the planning stage, and information will be shared with you in an upcoming newsletter, by social media, and through other avenues.


Author: Rita Burrell | Executive Director