Fall 2018: Letter from the Executive Director

Welcome to the first edition of the Purdue Online Learning newsletter,


As a Purdue Online Learning student, you are an important part of the 60-year tradition of distance learning in the Purdue University College of Engineering. With more than 3,500 graduates, we are proud of the many accomplishments and contributions of our alumni.


Through the work and resources contributed by faculty, staff and administration, we built an online program consistently ranked in the top 5 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.


Purdue Online Learning boasts one of the nation’s largest online master’s programs, and saw continued growth this fall semester. Through hard work and commitment by staff, we will continue to offer the quality and support that you, our students, have come to expect and deserve.


In the early days of Purdue Engineering distance learning, our faculty literally went the distance to take education to students. They travelled around the state via train to take learning opportunities to students, particularly in the fields of agricultural, mechanical and civil engineering.


As technology evolved, faculty no longer had to leave campus, and instead utilized radio, motion pictures, satellite, closed-circuit TV, and DVDs to provide graduate online education. Today’s content delivery is available in a variety of formats, including Blackboard, Massive Open Online Course platforms (edX, etc.), and lecture capture. Purdue Online Learning, the College of Engineering, and Purdue University are committed to continuing our history of delivering the best in learning systems to students.


It is an exciting time to be a part of Purdue Online Learning, as we lead in the evolving arena of online graduate engineering education. Two key components to successful online learning are faculty commitment and the support required for academic success.  Purdue Engineering faculty are among the world’s foremost inventors, entrepreneurs, researchers and leaders, and our students are the benefactors of those accomplishments


In addition to academic programs and courses, Purdue Online Learning also offers nationally recognized professional certification programs in the Lean Six Sigma and Project Management areas.  Whether you are a novice and want to start with a Yellow Belt Program, earn your PMP® certification, or want to complete the capstone of Lean Six Sigma certification with a Black Belt, short courses are a way for working professionals to become certified in a number of specialty areas, fulfill requirements, and stay at the forefront of emerging trends.


In upcoming newsletters, we will share stories and points of pride about current students and alumni.  We will be reaching out to learn more about your accomplishments and aspirations, and are excited about sharing your stories with your fellow students, industry, agencies and laboratories, as well as Purdue administrators, faculty and staff.


Our very best wishes to you for the fall 2018 semester. We are excited to support you, and hope this newsletter will strengthen your relationship with and interest in Purdue Online Learning and the College of Engineering.





Best wishes,


Rita Burrell

Executive Director

Purdue Online Learning, College of Engineering