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Integrated Vehicle Systems Specialization

Make Yourself Indispensable
Productivity, teamwork and the ability to communicate across disciplines are essential elements for success in today's highly competitive automotive industry. Purdue's distance automotive specialization opportunities within the MSE / MS degree are for engineers and other technical specialists who wish to gain new knowledge and sharpen skills of Integrated Vehicle Systems in order to perform at even higher levels of productivity and effectiveness while advancing their career objectives.

The Integrated Vehicle Systems Specialization is available within the interdisciplinary MSE and MS degree programs. It provides the opportunity to focus on a specific automotive arena such as design; structures and materials; noise, vibration and harshness; quality and more, as well as to broaden engineering perspectives through exploring new topics and areas of interest. There are no core courses - once admitted you work with a faculty committee to design a curriculum that is tailored to fit your individual needs and goals.

Automotive Engineering Excellence
For decades Purdue has made significant contributions to the success of the automotive manufacturing industry by offering a broad array of automotive-related courses made available in flexible, convenient formats via distance education. Our online automotive engineering degree options are recognized as the 'gold standard' in graduate automotive education.

ProEd also makes available to our corporate clientele graduate degrees and short courses that can be customized specifically to your company's engineering applications.

Partners in Automotive Education
Current automotive clients include General Motors, Ford, Cummins, Delphi, Caterpillar, John Deere and other leading automotive firms and suppliers who look to Purdue for the expertise of its world-class faculty and academic excellence.

Professionals in the automotive industry respect Purdue graduates and their online master of science in automotive engineering degrees. The reputation of a Purdue degree stands the test of time.

Our Students
Here is what some of our current students have to say about Purdue online automotive engineering degrees:

"The master's degree through Purdue distance learning not only provides me with the skill sets necessary for the automotive environment, but the flexibility of the video streaming courses is great for a busy working professional."

Dan Wiant
Safety Systems Research Engineer
Delphi Corporation

"The flexibility of the Purdue master's degree has allowed me to enhance my engineering skills while working and not be tied down to a campus. I get a much better understanding of the class material when I can apply it daily to my job."

Anthony Perfetto
Combustion Performance Engineer
Cummins Inc.

"I have found Purdue's engineering distance education courses and professors to provide an excellent, flexible option for gaining advanced engineering knowledge and methods. The program at Purdue is a good fit for anyone looking to gain an edge while under the time constraints of today's business world."

Ryan Craig
Automotive Safety Engineer
Ford Motor Company

Automotive Systems Topics
The following automotive topics and courses* are available in the MSE and MS Integrated Vehicle Systems specialization:

Automotive Structures and Materials
  AAE 55200 Nondestructive Evaluation of Structures and Materials
  AAE 55400 Fatigue of Structures and Materials
  AAE 59700/ Dynamic Behavior of Materials
  MSE 59700 Dynamic Behavior of Materials
  GRAD 59000 Advanced Applications of Finite Element Method
  ME 55900 Micromechanics of Materials
  ME 57000 Machine Design
  ME 58200 Thermal Stress Analysis
  MSE 53600 Solidification of Castings
Noise, Vibration, and Harshness
  ME 51300 Engineering Acoustics
  ME 56300 Mechanical Vibrations
  ME 56400 Vibrations of Discrete Systems
  ME 58000 Nonlinear Systems
  ME 59500 Fundamentals of Noise Control
  ME 61300 Advanced Engineering Acoustics
Automotive Powertrain and Chassis
  ME 52500 Combustion
  ME 56200 Advanced Dynamics
  ME 56500 Vehicle Dynamics
Engineering Design and Processes
  AAE 55000 Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
  IE 57000 Manufacturing Process Engineering
  IE 57400 Industrial Robotics and Flexible Assembly
  IE 57900 Design and Control of Production and Manufacturing Systems
  IE 59000 Analysis of Manufacturing Systems
  IE 59000 Design of e-Work and e-Business Systems
  IE 59000 Product Usability
  IE 67000 Advanced Topics in Manufacturing Engineering
  ME 52600 Spray Application and Theory
  ME 55300 Product and Process Design
  ME 55700 Design for Manufacturability
  ME 56000 Kinematics
  ME 57200 Analysis and Design of Robotic Manipulators
  MSE 53000 Materials Processing in Manufacturing
Engineering Quality, Reliability, Durability
  IE 53000 Quality Control
  IE 53300 Industrial Applications of Statistics
  IE 59000 Product Usability
  IE 59000 Reliability and Warranty
  ME 57100 Reliability-Based Design
  STAT 51400 Design of Experiments
HVAC and Thermal Engineering
  AAE 51400 Intermediate Aerodynamics
  ME 50500 Intermediate Heat Transfer
  ME 50900 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics
  ME 51800 Analysis of Thermal Systems
  ME 61400 Computational Fluid Dynamics
Vehicle Electrical Systems
  ECE 58000 Optimization Methods for Systems and Control
  ECE 59500 Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Component Design
  ECE 60600 Solid State Devices
  ECE 61000 Energy Conversion
  ECE 62500 Analysis of Electromechanical Systems II
  ECE 63100 Direct Current Transmission Systems
  ECE 63300 Computational Methods for Power System Components
  ME 59700 Heat Transfer in Electronic Systems
Control Systems
  ECE 68000 Modern Automatic Control
  ME 57500 Theory and Design of Control Systems
  ME 57600 Computer Control of Manufacturing Processes
  ME 57800 Digital Control
Human Factors
  IE 55800 Safety Engineering
  IE 59000 Applied Ergonomics
  IE 57700 Human Factors in Engineering
  ME 57700 Human Motion Kinetics
Related Topics
  CE 59700 Global Sustainable Engineering
  GRAD 59000 Systems Engineering
  IE 58200 Advanced Facilities Design
  IE 58300 Design and Evaluation of Material Handling Systems
  IE 63200 Scheduling Models
  ME 51700/ Micro/Nano-Scale Physical Processes
  CHE 51700
Mathematics and Statistics
  MA 51100 Linear Algebra with Applications
  MA 52500 Introduction to Complex Analysis
  MA 52700 Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists I
  MA 52800 Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists II
  ME 58100 Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering
  STAT 51100 Statistical Methods
  STAT 51200 Applied Regression Analysis
  STAT 51600 Basic Probability and Applications
  STAT 51700 Statistical Inference
  STAT 52000 Time Series and Application
  STAT 52200 Sampling and Survey Techniques
*Some courses on this list are currently being scheduled. Please continue to check this Web listing for updated information and links to course descriptions.

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