Leadership and Advanced Project Management


Credit Hours:


Learning Objective:

By the end of the course, students should be able to:
  1. Recognize the importance of their personal values, attitudes, and communication skills in developing the leader-manager within.
  2. Understand that modern leadership is . Taking people from where they are to where they have never been and that "Leaders build leaders".
  3. Work within a team atmosphere and understand the conflict management.
  4. Develop their planning skills with specific focus on the story boarding & resource leveling techniques.
  5. Understand the importance and impact that marketing and relationship development can have on the individual construction company's success and survival.
  6. Expand their financial and cash management skills, including real estate development.
  7. Develop business plans for an emerging engineering or construction business.


The course will focus on the first (10) years of the student's professional career. It will introduce concepts relating to; 1) development of the leader-manager, 2) advanced project management techniques that will assist the student towards success in the construction industry, and 3) Developing a business plan on starting a small engineering or construction company.

Topics Covered:


Applied / Theory:


The case studies and supplementary materials play a major role in the presentation of the course. Students will be required to study these materials by completing the specified readings prior to a particular session.

Assignments that are submitted after the due date but by noon the following day will receive a penalty of 30%. From that point, assignments received up to one class session late will receive a penalty of 40%, and thereafter a 100% penalty. All assignments must be submitted in order to avoid receiving a letter grade. It is each student's responsibility to deliver any late assignments to the instructor or the teaching assistant.


There will be one final exam, and a business plan.


Harvard Case Studies
  • Individual case studies will be distributed throughout the semester.
10 Essential Principles of Entrepreneurship ??? Michael S. Maurer
  • This book will be distributed at the first-class session.
2 Second Lean ??? Paul A. Akers It Takes More Than Concrete - Robert L. Bowen
  • You can purchase this book through Amazon, IBJ Publishing, the Purdue Bookstores, or there will be copies for sale at the first-class session.

Computer Requirements:

Other Requirements:

<u>Character Standards</u>:<br>You are expected to act ethically and professionally. Do not submit work (homework, quizzes, or exams) that is not entirely your own or your group???s. Any evidence of cheating or any other form of dishonesty will result in grade penalties up to a failing grade in the course and the reporting of cheating to the Dean of Students.

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