Introduction to Quantum Transport


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This course is part of a Purdue initiative that aims to complement the expertise that students develop with the breadth at the edges needed to work effectively in today's multidisciplinary environment. These serious short courses require few prerequisites and provide a general framework that can be filled in with self-study when needed.


This is a one credit hour course, not three credit hours. Class duration: Sep 24, 2018- Oct 30, 2018
This course introduces the Schr??dinger equation, uses the tight-binding method to discuss the concept of bandstructure and E(k) relations, along with simple quantum transport problems. No prior background in quantum mechanics or statistical mechanics is assumed.

Topics Covered:

Topics include Schrodinger equation, tight-binding model, bandstructure, self-energy, broadening, NEGF equations, and dephasing.


Undergraduate degree in engineering or the physical sciences, specifically differential equations and linear algebra.

Applied / Theory:


Three exams, no final


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