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STAT51400 - Design of Experiments

Fall 2015

Days/Time: TTh / TBA
Credit Hours: 3

Learning Objective:
A basic and broad understanding of experimental design.

A thorough and practical course in design and analysis of experiments for experimental workers and applied statisticians. SAS statistical software is used for analysis. Taken by graduate students from many fields.

Topics Covered:
Design fundamentals; completely randomized design, randomized complete blocks; latin square; multiclassification; factorial; nested factorial; incomplete block and fractional replications for 2n; 3n; 2m 3n, confounding; general mixed factorials; split plot; analysis of variance in regression models; optimum design.

Purdue STAT 512 Applied Regression Analysis or equivalent; precious knowledge of SAS not required but helpful; knowledge of regression and linear models helpful.

Applied/Theory: 70/30

Web Content:
Notes, schedule, course information, handouts, homework, data sets, grades, SAS files, textbook errata. Blackboard will contain a discussion section (like a chat room) and problem set solutions.

Seven problem sets, due every other week; typically require 10 to 20 hours of work.

The project will let students use what they learn in this course to design an experiment and analyze the data. Students may design a new experiment or use an experiment that they participated in the design and collection of data.

One midterm exam and one final exam. Both the midterm exam and the final exam are given with time limits (usually two hours).

Required--Angela M. Dean and Daniel Voss, "Design and Analysis of Experiments" , Springer. Recommended--Douglas Montgomery,"Design and Analysis of Experiments," 6th ed, Wiley, 2004, ISBN 047148735X.

Computer Requirements:
ProEd minimum computer requirements and SAS.

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Other Requirements:
Access to SAS software is important. The recommended form for accessing SAS is through Purdue's remote computing options. However, with the return of a filled-out license agreement from the class website, a temporary version of SAS can be shipped to you.

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