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MSE59700 - Lean Manufacturing

Spring 2014

Days/Time: TTh / 1:30-2:45 pm
Credit Hours: 3

Learning Objective:
To understand the distinction between mass production and lean manufacturing. The course will prepare an engineer to understand lean terminology and participate in waste identification and elimination on the job. Tentative Syllabus

Lean Manufacturing is about creating value. The Lean process starts with creating value for the ultimate customer which requires providing the right product at the right time for the specified price. While all manufacturing attempts to do this, what makes Lean Manufacturing distinct is the relentless pursuit and elimination of waste. Students will learn the concepts and tools of Lean which include types of waste, visual management, value stream analysis, flow, Just in Time, pull, and Kaizen.

Topics Covered:
Identification of Waste, A3 Reports, Visual (Daily) Management, Kaizen, Standardized Work, Continuous Flow, Just in Time

It is recommended that students be at least in their junior year, although this is only a recommendation. The key prerequisite is a commitment to stay current with the assigned reading.

Applied/Theory: 80/20

Web Address:

Web Content:
Syllabus, lecture notes, handouts, homework assignments, solutions and quizzes. Supplemental reading will be provided as handouts throughout the course.

Seven (7) homework assignments will be required.


Two (2) midterms and (1) final exam will be given. A paper may be assigned in lieu of exam.

**Updated Oct. 29, 2013** Book 1: J.P. Womack, D.T. Jones, D. Roos, "The Machine That Changed the World", Free Press, 1990 (2007 in paperback). ISBN-13: 978-0-7432-9979-4. Content is the same for both printings. Book 2: J.K. Liker, "The Toyota Way", McGraw-Hill 2004, ISBN: 0-07-139231-9. Disclaimer: Please visit the Listing of Textbooks by College or School for the most up-to-date textbook information..

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