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ME55300 - Product and Process Design

Spring 2017

Days/Time: TTh / TBA
Credit Hours: 3

Learning Objective:
To recognize critical elements in product development strategy; understand aspects of conceptual design and design innovation; to work in real world product development environments to integrate product and business aspects.

This course is as much about design thinking and learning as it is about doing design. The focus is on learning to design and especially experience and navigate the fuzzy front end of design. The class provides a framework for creative thinking rather than prescriptive and linearly oriented design processes suited for later design stages which are often covered in conventional design courses. The design of artifacts, services, experiences and literally anything is addressed from a multidisciplinary perspective. The core of this class or experience is about a stable opportunity determination phase through inspiration, ideation, and implementation using design thinking frameworks. The methodologies cover understanding and defining opportunities for innovation, and subsequently developing and producing globally competitive products, processes, services and experiences. Spring 2013 Syllabus

Topics Covered:
Product development process; product planning; concept generation; design as communication; exploring design spaces; innovation; creativity; market understanding for design; product platform planning; product architecture; decision making; value analysis; environmental issues; sustainable design; supply networks; project final presentation.

BS IN Engineering or consent of instructor. Students with a strong interest in products and design; industry experience a plus.

Applied/Theory: 70/30

Web Address:

Web Content:
Past project examples. All of the class materials will be uploaded to BlackBoard.

Course includes individual design assignment - students develop solution to a given problem statement. Each student will maintain an individual design notebook on the Wiki. The TA's and instructor will periodically inspect design notebook.

On-campus and off-campus project teams (consisting typically of 4 students) will choose a project from the opportunities generated by their teams. We will form the teams for both on-campus and off-campus students. The final deliverable of the project is a comprehensive product definition and specification with either (or both) a physical or digital prototype. The wiki will be used for periodic evaluation during the conference calls. We plan to have one every three weeks starting from week the opportunity is chosen by the teams.


*Tentative-check the Office of the Registrar Textbooks for the official list*
Harvard business reviews and other papers will be posted on Blackboard. PDF version of class presentations will also be available for download.

Computer Requirements:
ProEd minimum computer requirements; students in the team will need at least one or more members have access to any computer-aided design tool such as Pro/E, AutoCAD, Catia, Solidworks, Unigraphics, or others.

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Other Requirements:

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