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ME50500 - Intermediate Heat Transfer

Spring 2017

Days/Time: TTh / TBA
Credit Hours: 3

Learning Objective:
To enhance the understanding of heat and mass transfer processes and their relevance to industrial problems, strengthen analytical skills and the ability to cope with complex problems, and provide experience in treating multimode heat and mass transfer effects and in solving realistic engineering problems.

Heat and mass transfer by diffusion in one-dimensional, two-dimensional, transient, periodic, and phase change systems. Convective heat transfer for external and internal flows. Similarity and integral solution methods. Heat, mass, and momentum analogies. Turbulence. Buoyancy driven flows. Convection with phase change. Radiation exchange between surfaces and radiation transfer in absorbing-emitting medial. Mulitmode heat transfer problems.

Topics Covered:
Heat transfer fundamentals; Conduction heat transfer; Convection heat and mass transfer; Thermal systems analysis; Phase change heat transfer; Radiation heat transfer.

Undergraduate course in heat transfer that covers conduction, convection and radiation.

Applied/Theory: 50/50

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Web Content:
Syllabus, lecture notes, homework assignments and solutions.

Bi-weekly assignments; the preferred method of homework (HW) submission is uploading scanned PDF at the course webpage (i.e. Blackboard site). If webpage is not accessible on the due date, HW by faxed or e-mail to the instructor. If e-mailed, the subject should read "[ME505-Homework-Your Name]".

Required. Details TBA.

One midterm and final

*Tentative-check the Office of the Registrar Textbooks for the official list*
Required--Bergman, Labine, Incropera and DeWitt, "Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer," 7th ed., Wiley, 1996, ISBN 0-471-45728-0. A list of reference texts will be provided by the professor for additional information.

Computer Requirements:
ProEd minimum computer requirements; syllabus, grades, lecture notes, homework assignments, quizzes, chat room, and message board will be available via course web.

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