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BME59500 - Human Motion Kinetics

Spring 2015

Days/Time: MWF / TBA
Credit Hours: 3

Learning Objective:
To apply a variety of advanced dynamics models to problems involving human movement and injury.

Note:this course is co-listed with ME57700 which is also offered this semester. Either counts toward engineering credits but students in the BME concentration may need the BME section.
This course is designed to provide students with a background in advanced dynamics and mechanics with special emphasis on problems related to human motion kinetics (sports injuries, motor vehicle collisions, restraint systems, ergonomics, falls, blunt trauma, and penetrating trauma). Throughout the course, we pay special attention to the use of mathematical modeling to mitigate human injuries. Consequently, if you are interested in basic biomechanics, automobile design, forensics, the design of protective gear for athletes, and/or fighting crime this might be a good class for you to take. If you don't have a good background in anatomy, that will not be a problem. We will cover all the anatomy you need to know during lecture. Grades will be assigned based on homeworks, in-class quizzes, a mini-project, and a final project.

Topics Covered:
Car crashes; swimming; Surfer wipe out; Football tackle; Ice skater spin/jump; Kicking a field goal; Skateboard ramps/jumps; Ski jumps; Diving; Ankle roll; Boxing; Martial arts-breaking boards; ACL tear; Mechanics of riding a bike; Carson Palmer knee injury; Achilles tendon rupture; Whiplash from seat belt; Boxing head trauma; Football ankle injury and turf interaction; Forces on the knee joints; Rock climbing forces; Impact on foot while running;

ME 270, ME 323 or equivalent

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Web Content:
Syllabus, some lecture notes, homework assignments and solutions.

1 per week (approximately 8-10 hours per week). Homework will be accepted via email at enauman@purdue.edu (must be in PDF format) .

None. **Subject to change.**

Two midterm exams and one final exam. **Subject to change.**

No required texts.

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Other Requirements:
Must be able to submit homeworks as PDF files.

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