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AAE55500 - Mechanics of Composite Materials

Spring 2016

Days/Time: TBD / TBD
Credit Hours: 3

Learning Objective:
To introduce modern composite materials and their applications and to build proper background for stress and strength analysis in the design of composite materials and structures.

This course provides students a background in modern lightweight composite materials which are being used in an ever-increasing range of applications and industries. Basic knowledge of composites will allow engineers to understand the issues associated with using these materials, as well as gain insight into how their usage differs from metals, and ultimately be able to use composites to their fullest potential. Topics covered include: current and potential applications of composite materials, fibers, matrices, manufacturing methods for composites, review of elasticity of anisotropic solids, methods for determining mechanical properties of heterogeneous materials, laminated plate theories, static and dynamic analyses of laminated composites, and failure analysis of composite materials and laminates, and joining of composites.

Topics Covered:
Fibers, Matrices, and Composite Materials; Elasticity of Anisotropic Materials; Analysis of Lamina; Effective Elastic Moduli; Elastic Analysis of Composite Laminates; Strength Criteria for Composites; Joining of Composites.

Course in Mechanics of Solids.

Applied/Theory: 70/30

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Web Content:
syllabus, supplemental lecture notes, homework assignments, solutions.

Biweekly assignments.

Term project.

One midterm and one final exam.

Required--course reader: C. T. Sun, "Mechanics of Composite Materials and Laminates," available at Boiler Copy Maker, - off-campus students should phone 765-496-3888 to order. Recommended-- Isaac M. Daniel and Ori Ishai, "Engineering Mechanics of Composite Materials," Oxford University Press, 1994, ISBN 0-19-507506-4; available at the University Bookstore, off-campus students should phone 800-347-9618 to order, or visit www.purdueu.com.

Computer Requirements:
ProEd minimum computer requirements; syllabus, supplemental lecture notes, homework assignments, solutions will be available on course web.

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R. Byron Pipes
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