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Taking Online Courses

photo of Mark BoekeA Campus without Boundaries
Mark Boeke
Systems Engineer, Pratt & Whitney (a subsidiary of United Technologies), East Hartford, CT MSE-MBA: Currently pursuing the MSE portion of this dual degree program.

“Streaming video provides a very flexible means for viewing course lectures. With a laptop and hotel rooms with high-speed Internet, I’ve managed to complete course after course despite travel requirements for my job. I feel the same sense of accomplishment as on-campus students.”

Plan Ahead for “Classroom” Time
Distance learning courses require discipline, but anyone who has completed a rigorous bachelor’s degree and is a working engineer can succeed. Lectures are available shortly after the live class ends. You will need to remain current with lectures and complete assignments on time. Access to streaming video course material is restricted to authorized students. Click here for computer hardware and software requirements.

Stay in Touch with Professors
Professors keep office hours for their online students, and you can stay in touch with them via phone or email. Some set up chat rooms to facilitate interaction between you and your virtual classmates.

Take Proctored Exams
To ensure that your Purdue degree remains well respected over time, it is essential that we maintain a high level of integrity for our exam process. That is why we require you to take exams in the presence of an approved proctor. The exams are made available to your proctor prior to the exam date. You are asked to complete the exam at the pre-established time and according to the guidelines set by the course instructor. Your proctor will return the exams to the Engineering Professional Education office according to the schedule set for the course. This process should be confirmed with your proctor prior to the start of classes for the semester.

View Online Course Delivery Demonstrations

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