Engineering Professional Education

Interdisciplinary Engineering Application Checklist

Application Checklist
Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)
or Master of Science (MS)

Thank you for your interest in graduate studies at Purdue University!  The following checklist will assist you in completing your Graduate School application and preparing your documents supporting your application.

☐ Create an application account to start your Graduate School application.

☐ Complete the following sections of the application based upon your enrollment objective:

Degree-seeking (MSE/MS/MSE-MBA)

  • Applicant Information - Personal Background, Emergency Contact, Residency
  • Campus and Program
    • Campus: Select “West Lafayette (Main Campus)”
    • Proposed Graduate Major: Select “Interdisciplinary Engineering”
    • Area of Interest: Select the topic of your primary interest
      • If you would like to be considered for the dual MSE-MBA, you must select that area
      • Options with "(On Campus)" are reserved for those who will attend full-time, on-campus
    • Degree Objective: Select “MS in Engineering” or “Master of Science”
      • Use the information in the following checklist to determine MSE or MS qualification
  • Education and Employment Background
  • Additional Information (not required to list faculty)
  • Employment
  • Statement of Purpose (Upload)
  • Test Scores
    • GRE or GMAT (required for the dual MSE-MBA program, recommended for all other programs)
  • Diversity Essay (not required)
  • Resume (Upload)
  • Recommendations 
  • Acknowledgments

Graduate Certificate (Applied Heat Transfer/Digital Signal Processing/Noise Control Engineering)

  • Applicant Information - Personal Background, Emergency Contact, Residency
  • Campus and Program
    • Campus: Select “West Lafayette (Main Campus)”
    • Proposed Graduate Major: Select “Interdisciplinary Engineering”
    • Degree Objective: Select the Graduate Certificate you are interested in from the list
  • Education and Employment Background
  • Statement of Purpose (Upload)
  • Acknowledgments

Non Degree

  • Applicant Information
    • Campus: Select “West Lafayette (Main Campus)”
    • Proposed Graduate Major: Select “Interdisciplinary Engineering”
    • Degree Objective: Select “Non Degree”
  • Education and Employment Background
  • Acknowledgments

☐ Pay the nonrefundable application fee by credit card.  The Graduate School degree application fee is $60 (U.S. dollars) for domestic applicants and $75 (U.S. dollars) for international applicants (non degree applicants are not charged an application fee).  

☐ If you are applying as a degree-seeking applicant, submit an official transcript for every institution of higher education attended.  Transcripts not written in English must be submitted with a certified English translation. Uploaded documents must be from the official version of the academic record/transcript. If you are applying as a Graduate Certificate or Non degree applicant, you must provide evidence of a baccalaureate degree. This may be a transcript, a copy of the diploma, or a letter from the college or university verifying the degree. Social Security numbers must be marked out before any document is uploaded. Upload Tips

☐ The MSE degree is awarded to those graduate students whose undergraduate degree is from an ABET accredited engineering school (or international equivalent). The MS degree is awarded to graduate students whose undergraduate degree is not from an ABET accredited engineering school (such as computer science, mathematics, technology, or physics).

☐ If you do not have an ABET-accredited engineering degree (or international equivalent) you will need to provide proof of your successfully completed math courses of Calculus I & II and either differential equations or linear algebra. You must provide a list of the courses (number and title) and a description or a syllabus to support the application.

☐ Three letters of recommendation are required for degree-seeking applicants. Online recommendation providers will receive an email notification with instructions for accessing the recommendation system during the application process once you enter their contact information in the application. For references who prefer to submit a paper recommendation, the form must be emailed from the recommender to ).  Non Degree and Certificate applicants are not asked to provide recommendations.

☐ The dual MSE-MBA program requires either the GMAT or the GRE.  Scores must be current (within five years of admission) to be considered valid.  When you take the GMAT, have your scores sent to Kelley Direct (code GKS-8M-09).  If opting to take the GRE, please be sure to send your GRE scores to “Indiana U Bloomington.” (school code 1324).  Please also send your GMAT or GRE unofficial score report to Purdue ( or fax to 765-494-6628).  

You must fill out the following supporting document:

Two sets of each official transcript from every institution attended are needed. Both sets are sent to Purdue.

☐ International degree-seeking applicants whose native language is not English are required to submit proof of English proficiency.  The Graduate School accepts the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic scores for admission.  Some graduate programs may have higher score requirements than the Graduate School’s minimum score requirements.  The Graduate School will routinely waive the English proficiency requirement for applicants who have received a degree from a school where English is the primary language of instruction in one of the recognized English speaking countries.   Note: If you have not done so already, request that ETS send your scores electronically to the Purdue University West Lafayette campus using code 1631.     

☐ You may check the status of your submitted application by logging into your online application account.  The graduate program to which you applied updates your application status.  If you have additional questions regarding your application status, you should contact the graduate program directly.

☐ If you have already submitted an online application and now want to apply to an additional program, you may do so through your existing account. From the Application Management screen, click the link at the bottom to "Start New Application."