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Before registering for a course you will need to identify your exam proctor. You should also familiarize yourself with Purdue's Academic Integrity Policy.
If others from your company have taken courses through Engineering Professional Education (ProEd), you probably already have a site representative who can act as exam proctor. In other cases, it will be your responsibility to identify someone to be your exam proctor. Following are the responsibilities that person will agree to undertake.

Employees of Companies Currently Sponsoring Students in Purdue ProEd
If you are an employee at one of our current client locations, your site representative may serve as your exam proctor or you may identify a colleague to serve as your proctor. Contact your site representative to confirm and discuss your needs and their policies.

Individual Students or Employees of Companies without a Site Representative
If your employer does not provide an exam proctor, you will need to identify someone who is qualified and willing to administer your exams. This person will be responsible for receiving, administering, and returning all of your exams via expedited shipping. You’ll need to determine two factors: who the exam proctor is and where you will take your exams:

  • Identify a new proctor at your site – One option is to ask an individual at your location to serve as your site representative and/or exam proctor. A few examples are a human resources contact at your company, a supervisor, or someone from your training and development area.
  • Public Viewing Sites – If your company doesn’t have a facility available where you can take an exam, you may use what we refer to as a "public viewing site." This might be a local community college or a public library. If there is a fee for using a public viewing site, payment will be your responsibility. You may want to start by checking the National College Testing Association website.
Responsibilities and Guidelines for Exam Proctors
  • Exam proctor will be responsible for receiving and proctoring all exams following directions provided by the professor on the ProEd exam cover sheet that accompanies the exams. 
  • Exams are made available via download from the ProEd website to approved proctors and should be returned to ProEd using the expedited shipping supplies and/or instructions that are provided by our office before each exam.
  • Conversations regarding exam receipt or delivery must occur between the identified site representative/exam proctor and ProEd.
  • Exam proctors should know that ProEd will not send exams directly to students.
  • Exam proctoring also includes approaching any behaviors that may appear to be dishonest in nature during the course of an exam (or surrounding an exam situation) and notifying ProEd of these concerns.
  • If a student makes a request that requires the exam proctor to "break the rules" or the exam proctor is unsure of the request, notify ProEd.
  • An exam proctor must work independently of the student and not be in a reporting position to the student. An exam proctor may not be enrolled as a student with Purdue ProEd.

Students need to provide ProEd the following information about their exam proctor:

  • Proctor name
  • Title and working relationship to student
  • Company name
  • Full mailing address – suitable to receive U.S. Postal Service and Express mailings
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • E-mail address
  • Web site address
  • Time zone

Students can log in to Manage My Account to view or update their exam site details.