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Spring 2014 Semester Guide

New and Returning Students Guide

Important Step by Step Instructions and Registration Information for Engineering Professional Education Courses
October 22, 2013– Registration Begins
Students should follow the Registration Steps in order to self-register using myPurdue. You are not officially enrolled until fees are paid. Be sure to pay fees by the due date in order to prevent a hold or cancellation of your registration. See Payment Options.
January 12, 2014 – Registration Deadline
Consider course requirements as well as your personal/professional obligations before attempting to add a class after this date. Payment of fees is due if not yet paid. If your fees are paid by a tuition assistance program or your company is billed, verification or an approved voucher is due to the Bursar, attention Cheryl Files, by this date. Any other outstanding conditions with your registration must be resolved by this date.  
January 13, 2014 – Classes Begin
January 19, 2014 – Fee Deadline
Last day for course additions with no approval needed. Student registrations will be cancelled for those students who have not resolved financial obligations by this date.

Semester Calendar 

myPurdue is the Purdue portal system for your student profile, academic, financial, and campus information. You will access information from navigational tabs or by using Banner Self-Service, a folder-structured site map to anything you may access within myPurdue.  Students will have self-service access to registration, address verification, grades, transcripts, make online payments, view your course schedule and so much more.
Purdue Student ID Number
To participate in a Purdue graduate-level distance course, you will need to know your 10-digit Purdue University identification number (PUID).  This is assigned when the Graduate School application is processed (either degree-seeking or nondegree-seeking). 
Returning ProEd Students 
If you have enrolled previously in a distance graduate course, you may self-register in myPurdue within the stated registration deadlines. Your PIN to access the myPurdue registration system is available at https://engineering.purdue.edu/BannerPin. Follow the link below to the registration checklist to confirm you have successfully completed all of the steps to be enrolled for the semester.
New Students and the Grad School Application
If you are a new student who is not yet admitted to the Purdue Graduate School, you must complete the online Graduate School application. Follow the appropriate link depending on the graduate study option right for you, and make note of application deadlines and requirements which vary by program:
How to Apply to Graduate School
Degree-Seeking Application Instructions for MSE/MS/Dual Degree Program
MSAAE, MSECE, MSIE, MSME, MSCS Application Instructions
Applicants will receive an email notice when their admission decision is available. Admitted students will access their online admission letter and within 24 hours of viewing/accepting, will be sent an email containing an initial account setup password to establish your Purdue Career Account.  Send an email to gradinfo@purdue.edu if you need the initial account setup password resent to you.

Purdue Career and Email Accounts
Your Purdue Career and Email Accounts are created when you are admitted to Purdue. myPurdue as well as most ITaP (Information Technology at Purdue) tools such as e-mail, remote software and Blackboard use your Career Account username and password for access.  Following admission, all students should set up their Career Account following instructions emailed by the Graduate School. To activate your Career Account you will need your PUID and your initial account activation password. Step by step instructions
Your Purdue Email Account will be used by Purdue Offices and by your instructors to keep you informed . Students will need to check their Purdue e-mail account often.
For additional information and help related to your Purdue Accounts, contact the Help Desk at (765) 494-4000 or visit http://www.itap.purdue.edu/help/.
myPurdue Registration
Your Purdue Career Account grants you access to myPurdue. Students will need their Alternate PIN and list of Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) to self-register in myPurdue.
Registration (Step-by-Step) 
Registration Time Tickets
myPurdue uses registration groups to assign a time when a student can register for classes. Graduate students have a time ticket which begins October 22. You will be able to register online through myPurdue up until the last day for course additions without approval, January 19, 2014.
Check Eligibility Status/Holds 
Course Reference Number (CRN)
Each course has a 5-digit Course Reference Number (CRN) that is used in myPurdue for registration. The CRN makes registering much easier as it automatically populates course information into your schedule, eliminating many errors. You will self-register for all courses. If a course requires instructor permission to register, you must email the instructor for approval so that an override can be entered by the ProEd Graduate Office. A list of courses available for registration with their CRNs is available to distance students through the Manage My Account portal.
Available Graduate Courses for Spring 2014 Delivered at a Distance
Use the search function in the website to display a list of the courses for which you can register. Students must have the prerequisites or background and experience needed for any course in which they seek to enroll.
Tuition and Fee Payments 
The tuition and fees for distance courses can only be found on our website. Tuition is per 3 credit-hour course unless otherwise stated.
After students have confirmed their classes in myPurdue, they will have access to information about outstanding payments as well as the status of any expected Financial Aid. Students self-paying can be billed or pay online.  Purdue has contracted with TouchNet Information Systems to accept Mastercard, American Express or Discover. Visa is not accepted by TouchNet Information Systems. A 2.75% convenience fee will be added to credit card charges processed through the TouchNet Paypath service.  Students will have the option to pay by electronic check/bank transfer at no additional charge. Students will also be able to enroll in a payment/installment plan (only available in Spring and Fall).    
Tuition and Fees
Add, Drop or Change to Audit
Students will be able to view their class schedule and add or modify classes via myPurdue during the first week of the fall and spring semesters. Adding a class during the second week of the semester is not recommended and requires the instructor's written permission.  Schedule revision dates for summer sessions are adjusted proportionally.
Students may drop a class via myPurdue during weeks 1 and 2 of the fall and spring semesters. If you need to modify your schedule and the Drop or Add Action is no longer available in myPurdue, you must submit your request online through the ProEd Manage My Account link. Log in with your Purdue ID and last name, then select “Modify Enrollment Status” from the menu and follow the prompts. We will process your request, make any needed changes to your registration in myPurdue, and send you a confirmation email.
Drop/Add Instructions
You must be admitted as a Purdue graduate student, either degree-seeking or nondegree-seeking (postbaccalaureate) to register for a class in audit status. Students registering for audit will be sent an audit form and the student must secure the signature of the instructor of the class and the academic advisor, and return it to the ProEd office for final approval by the Office of the Registrar. Students currently enrolled wishing to change from credit to audit must submit their request no later than the Friday of the second week of classes. Note: changing from Audit to Credit is NOT an option.
Refund and Withdrawal Deadlines 
Information on course withdrawal, registration changes and refunds is found on the website at:
General Information and Helpful Tips
Taking Exams
To ensure that your Purdue degree remains well respected over time, it is essential that we maintain a high level of integrity for our exam process. That is why we require you to take exams in the presence of an approved proctor.  You will need to identify your exam proctor before the semester begins. If others from your company have taken courses through ProEd, you probably already have a site representative who can act as exam proctor. In other cases, it will be your responsibility to identify someone to be your exam proctor. If there is a fee for using a testing site, payment will be your responsibility. If you are not using your employer for your exam site, you may want to start by checking the National College Testing Association website.  To provide us with your exam proctor, log in to Manage My Account and click on Confirm/Update My Exam Site.
Exam dates are set by the professor and cannot be changed without the student receiving written consent from the instructor. You are required to take exams in the presence of an approved proctor unless it is a take-home exam. The exams are made available to your proctor via download from our website. You are responsible for making arrangements with your proctor to complete the exam on the scheduled date and you will follow guidelines set by the instructor. Your proctor will upload completed exams to the ProEd office following instructions provided in advance by our office.
Streaming Video
Courses are delivered asynchronously via streaming video. There is an option to also watch many of the courses live, if your schedule permits. You will need to view course lectures regularly in order to keep current with homework assignments, quizzes, and exams. The login will not be active until one week before the start of the semester. Once classes begin, each of the recorded sessions will become available within 1 hour after the live class is recorded at Purdue.  Once the sessions are placed on our server, they will be accessible for the remainder of the semester.
Project Courses 
Students may initiate and enroll in a 3-credit project course to complete the MS or MSE degrees.  Project courses are intended to apply theories and/or concepts introduced in previous Purdue coursework and, although not required, may be job related. Project courses require special approval of a proposal submitted jointly by the student and faculty member who will supervise the work. Students wishing to register for a project course must contact the ProEd office for further instructions.
Short Courses and Seminars 
ProEd offers short courses and seminars throughout the year in a wide range of topics and in a variety of delivery formats. CEUs (continuing education units) are available for most of these offerings. ProEd will also customize short courses to meet the needs of your project team, company or organization. Check the following link to see a current list of short courses that are open for registration: