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Virtual Classroom Meets Real World Needs
Higher education is both personally and professionally enriching. Companies that recognize this and promote career-long learning among their employees gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. That is why a broad range of companies, industries and organizations have eagerly joined with Purdue Engineering Professional Education (ProEd) to provide employees with professional development opportunities and graduate degree programs of high quality and value customized specifically to their engineering applications.

Partnering with Global and National Companies
You’ll recognize most of the companies Purdue partners with in automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, consumer products and many other industries. Interested in adding your name to the list? Learn how to become a corporate partner. A partial listing of our current partners includes:

Be the Front Line of Contact as a Site Representative
Site representatives have the important job of acting on behalf of Purdue and the students. They become ProEd’s onsite arm to handle administrative issues so that the students can focus on their coursework. Site reps keep track of application deadlines and handle registration at the company. Also, if a company provides the time and space for employees to watch lectures on site, the site reps coordinate those efforts.
If you would like to find out if your company has a site representative, check the Directory of Company Site Representatives.

Partnership Benefits
We would like to partner with you to create distance and onsite solutions for your employees. Contact us so we can–

  • Create educational opportunities that help you attract and retain highly qualified engineering professionals.
  • Strengthen your company’s productivity through customized training.
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