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To view exams, you must be designated as an approved Engineering Professional Education proctor for the current semester.
A list of the courses and a class roster you are authorized to see will be displayed after you successfully log in.

If you are unavailable to proctor an exam, please be sure you have another contact person for your location. They must have a valid email in order to have access to the online exams. This information should be provided to proed@purdue.edu. Please be sure to use the expedited (FedEx for domestic sites and DHL for international sites) shipping supplies for the return of completed exams. We ask that students do not use them to return their homeworks, etc. If you should need more supplies, please contact our office. At the end of the semester, please discard any unused supplies you have left.

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I just completed my first proctor session and found the website very intuitive. It was easy to read about expectations, access the exam, and upload the completed exams back into the system. Good job!

Michael W. Fogleman
Human Resources
(new spring 2011 proctor)