Streaming Video Guidelines

Lecture sessions are available approximately two hours after a live class ends on campus. Access to streaming video course material is restricted to authorized streaming video students only.

In order to enroll in a course delivered via streaming video over the Internet, the computer(s) you intend to use for viewing the streaming material must meet the following requirements:

  • Computer Hardware Requirements
    • Pentium II or AMD Athalon 350 Mhz. or faster Processor or an equivalent Macintosh.
    • 32MB or more or RAM
    • On-board sound or card, speakers or headphones.
    • 65,000-color or better video display card with Direct Draw capability.
    • A high speed cable modem, DSL or ISDN Internet connection.
  • Computer software requirements
  • Additional RAM above the minimum is recommended to provide improved player performance.

A course taken over the Internet/streaming video does have the delays typically caused by shipping of media. You must remain current with course lectures, complete course assignments on time, and take exams on the dates listed. Any changes or questions from on-campus students on the exam will be communicated by the course’s teaching assistant to the off-campus exam proctors by phone or e-mail before the exam. If you have questions during the exam, make a note on the exam for the instructor to consider or address.

Since the exams for these courses may be paper/pencil, you should notify your designated exam proctor (usually the site representative) before class begins. It would be helpful to confirm that you both understand the arrangements for exams. Exams will be sent to the site representatives approximately one week in advance.

Students are not allowed to share passwords or copy or distribute streamed course material. Unauthorized sharing of course material or passwords may result in a failing grade for the course.