What is a Plan of Study??
A Plan of Study (POS) is an academic contract between a student, the faculty members of the advisory committee, and Purdue University's Graduate School. All departmental and Graduate School policies related to the filing of a POS must be adhered to explicitly.

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Who Needs to File a Plan of Study?
Each graduate student admitted to a degree program must file a POS via Purdue's electronic Plan of Study Generator (POSG). You should create and submit a formal POS to Engineering Professional Education (ProEd) by the end of the semester for which you were admitted as a degree-seeking student. If you are unsure of your deadline, refer to your admission letter from ProEd or contact Toni Cook.

How to File a Master's Plan of Study

Access the electronic plan of study form via myPurdue:

  • Go to myPurdue at https://mypurdue.purdue.edu. (If you have never set up your Purdue Career or Email Accounts, you must do so first.
  • Click on the Academic tab of myPurdue.
  • Click on the Graduate School Plan of Study link to log in.
  • Click on the Plan of Study Generator (POSG) link.
  • Click on Create New Plan of Study.
  • Once in the POSG, refer to the Help buttons located on each page to assist you. You may save your POS and return to it later if you cannot complete it in one sitting.

When you have completed your POS and believe it is ready for review by your advisory committee:

  • Submit the electronic plan as a Draft, which is required before the plan may be submitted as Final. While your plan is in Draft status, it can be edited by you and by the ProEd Graduate Assistant. This time should be used for communication between the advisory chair, the remaining committee members, Toni Cook in the ProEd office and the student to ensure that it satisfies all departmental and Graduate School policies. Use your Draft plan of study as a basis to discuss your academic goals with your advisory committee members. The electronic plan of study process does not replace the personal communication needed between you and your advisory committee.
  • Once the three advisory committee members and ProEd have verbally accepted your plan of study, return to the POSG and submit your plan as Final; this indicates your signature. The plan of study form will be electronically routed, reviewed and, if approved, signed by the departmental coordinator, your advisory committee members, the department head, and the Graduate School.
  • Check the status of your plan of study at any time by returning to the POSG and clicking on the Display Submitted Plan of Study link The form will have a status of Outstanding until all signatures have been received.Once the electronic plan of study has been completed and approved (processed by the Graduate School), you will receive an email notification that it has an Approved status.
  • Review your plan of study every semester to monitor your academic degree progress. An approved plan of study can be viewed, but not altered. Any changes to an approved plan require an electronic Change to Plan of Study which is initiated by you through myPurdue.

Use the following resources as you prepare the Plan of Study:

Purdue Engineering Professional Education Courses
Graduate School Policy & Procedures Manual (refer to Section VII)