IE59000 - Project Management

Spring 2016

Days/Time: TBA / TBA
Credit Hours: 3

Learning Objective:

This course may not be allowed on a master's plan of study if GRAD 59000-Program Management is also taken. Please consult your Graduate Program Office.
Whether an organization is developing a new product, redesigning an existing process, or planning an event, project management is necessary to ensure that the project team fulfills its budget, schedule, and organizational requirements. This course will focus on all aspects of project management from project selection through project termination. The material covered will include both quantitative techniques (such as resource scheduling and project crashing) and management issues (such as team dynamics and communication). The course is designed for students with no previous project management experience.

Topics Covered:
Topics include project management overview (Chapter 1), organizational structures (Chapter 3), project selection (Chapter 2), defining projects (Chapter 4), pricing and estimation (Chapter 5), planning and scheduling (Chapter 6, Appendix 7.1, Chapter 9), resource allocation (Chapter 8), risk management (Chapter 7), cost control (Chapter 13), project closure (Chapter 14) and others as appropriate (Chapters TBD).

Please verify with your school if can be used on a plan of study if you're also taking GRAD59000 Program Mgt:Comp Overview Discipline

Applied/Theory: 100/0

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Web Content:
Grades, Lecture Notes, Homework Assignments, Solutions, Chat Room, Message Board, and Other Threaded Discussions.

Homework assignments will cover the quantitative problems presented in class and in the textbook.

Required - Teams will have two projects during the semester. First, teams will be assigned a managerial issue associated with project management (e.g., organization structure, customer relations, international project management); teams will prepare a presentation and manage a threaded discussion about the topic. Second, teams will have a final culminating project that requires them to apply the quantitative material taught in class.

One midterm exam covering the quantitative material will be given.

Required - "Project Management: The Managerial Process," by Erik Larson and Clifford Gray; 6th edition with MS Project. Boston: McGraw-Hill. ISBN:1259186407 / 9781259186400 . Disclaimer: Please visit the Listing of Textbooks by College or School for the most up-to-date textbook information.

Computer Requirements:
ProEd Minimum Computer Requirements. MS Excel, MS Project. A free 60-day license for MS Project is included with the textbook.

ProEd Minimum Requirements:

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Other Requirements:
Some homework will be easier to complete via computer. The course project will require MS Project.


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