GM4800 - Cross-Cultural Communications

Spring 2015

Credit Hours: 1.5

Learning Objective:
The course will provide students with knowledge, skills, insights, and experience necessary to be a communicatively competent international manager. Upon completion of this course, students should be able to: 1. Understand theories of culture, communication and cross-cultural communication interactions and how these impact business relationships; 2. Develop an empirical understanding of how the cultures of the world compare and what are their similarities and differences. 3. Examine the impact of cultural differences on managerial communication and how to be an effective communicator in a cross-cultural setting. 4. Gain insight into personal and cultural "baggage" that influences your cognitive, affective, and cross-cultural behavioral processes; and 5. Expand skills in achieving cross-cultural communication competence through the understanding and practice of increased appropriateness, flexibility, and adaptability.

This dynamic and interactive course provides managers with an effective framework for achieving their goals in competitive global business settings. The course will assist students to prepare for and execute time-tested strategies for achieving communication competence with persons from different cultures. It will not only examine theories of culture and communication, but will also place students in an experiential situation to gain valuable skills for overcoming obstacles in global management environments. Through use of cases, multicultural team exercises, and simulations, this course will equip the global manager with tools to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities in a multicultural world.

Topics Covered:

GM4000 - Global Political Economy

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Syllabus, videos, electronic coursepacks, discussion boards, chat rooms, webcasts, wikis, surveys, assessments, drop boxes.

Your final grade will be based on the results of your case study discussions, cross-cultural communication simulations, final exam, and project.

See Homework section.

One Final Exam

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Other Requirements:
Required course for the Certificate in Global Management


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