GM4000 - Global Political Economy

Spring 2015

Credit Hours: 3

Learning Objective:
Global managers operate in an international economy that presents tremendous opportunities as well as risks. The specific objectives of this course are the following: To develop tools of analysis for understanding trends and developments in the global political economy, to develop students' abilities to use these tools to assess international economic institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, and World Bank Group, to develop analytical tools for assessing a country's foreign economic policy, to develop an understanding of environmental and ethical issues that affect the strategy of global corporations, and to introduce students to analytical frameworks for country risk analysis.

This course offers an introduction to the fundamentals of the international business environment and its three major aspects: (1) the institutional framework and policy management of international economic relations, (2) risk assessment and strategic analysis of nation-states, and (3) the operational and organizational concerns of the transnational enterprise. The purpose of the course is to provide the international manager with (a) an informed perspective on the institutions and policy processes that shape economic relations between international and national factors and among economic blocs as a foundation for further study in the Thunderbird program, and (b) the substantive base and analytical tools necessary for acquiring an informed perspective.

Topics Covered:
Thriving in a Global Economy: Three Views of the World, Politics and the Management of International Monetary and Financial Relations, Economic Development and the World Bank, International Trade Relations and the Role of the WTO/GATT, Relations Between the Developed and Developing World, U.S. Foreign Economic Policy: Predicting/Explaining U.S. Foreign Economic Policy, The Transnational Enterprise and the Ethical Dimension of Global Business, Developing a Competitive Advantage: Managing Global Environmental Issues, Managing Political Risk.


Web Content:
Syllabus, videos, electronic coursepacks, discussion boards, chat rooms, webcasts, wikis, surveys, assessments, drop boxes.

There are no written assignments.

See Homework section.

Midterm Exam 40% Final Exam 40% Five Brief Quizzes 15% (each quiz is worth 3%)

Information will be available at the myThunderbird web site.

Computer Requirements:
Thunderbird minimum technical and software requirements (

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Other Requirements:
Required course for the Certificate in Global Management


Instructor information
will be available at the
myThunderbird site.

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