BC4001 - Business and Managerial Communications

Spring 2015

Credit Hours: 1.5

Learning Objective:
By the end of this course, you will be able to: identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current writing process, identify and implement strategies to improve your writing process, resulting in you becoming a more efficient and effective writer, recognize and correct common stylistic errors in writing, resulting in a business communication style that is clearer, more professional and more effective, effectively edit/correct text that contains these common types of errors, continually assess and improve your writing process and polish your business communication writing, describe the most common organizational structures of informal reports and the implications for the audience, identify common types of short and long reports, identify necessary elements of effective short and long reports, describe characteristics that contribute to improving persuasiveness of long reports, and write a long report, applying course concepts, ect.

This course focuses on effective management communication for personal and corporate leadership development and illustrates how core concepts of communication strategy inform the various channels of management. Students analyze the components of effective communication with regard to theme, audience, style, clarity, cross-cultural sensitivity, structure and organization in both oral and written forms. Its thematic approach includes leadership, ethics, mergers and acquisitions, e-commerce, public language and corporate culture, teaming, and project management. The course includes instruction on oral presentation, career management and interviewing techniques.

Topics Covered:
Process and Product: how to improve your writing process, how to improve your editing, how to improve your tone and style to get the results you want, E-mail and memo writing, Good news and persuasive messages, "Bad" news messages, Long reports, Public speaking and PowerPoint


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Syllabus, videos, electronic coursepacks, discussion boards, chat rooms, webcasts, wikis, surveys, assessments, drop boxes.

Bi-weekly discussion group topics and bi-weekly written assignments.

See Homework section.


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Computer Requirements:
Thunderbird minimum technical and software requirements (http://students.thunderbird.edu/faqs-global-mba-online-orientation#10)

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Other Requirements:
Offered January - March


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will be available at the
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