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This long-term course rotation schedule is subject to change and information contained in the course detail sheets is tentative. Please review this page periodically for updates. All course are 3 credit-hours unless otherwise noted in the course details.

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Aeronautics and Astronautics20152016201720182019
AAE50700 Principles of Dynamics--Fall -Fall
AAE50800 Optimization in Aerospace EngineeringFall --Spring -
AAE51200 Computational AerodynamicsSpring Spring -Spring -
AAE51400 Intermediate AerodynamicsSpring -Spring --
AAE52300 Introduction to Remote Sensing-Spring -Spring -
AAE53200 Orbit Mechanics-Fall -Fall -
AAE53800 Air Breathing Propulsion-Fall -Fall -
AAE53900 Advanced Rocket Propulsion-Spring ---
AAE55000 Multidisciplinary Design OptimizationFall Fall Fall Fall -
AAE55200 Nondestructive Evaluation of Structures and MaterialsSpring ----
AAE55300 Elasticity in Aerospace EngineeringFall Fall -Fall -
AAE55400 Fatigue of Structures and Materials-Spring -Spring -
AAE55500 Mechanics of Composite MaterialsSpring Spring Spring Spring -
AAE55800 Finite Element Methods in Aerospace StructuresFall Fall Fall Fall -
AAE56000 System of Systems Modeling and AnalysisSpring Spring Spring Spring -
AAE56400 Systems Analysis and SynthesisFall -Fall --
AAE56800 Applied Optimal Control And Estimation-Spring -Spring -
AAE57500 Introduction to Satellite Navigation and PositioningFall -Fall --
AAE59000 Aerospace PropulsionFall -Fall --
AAE59000 Experimental Characterization of Advanced Composite Materials-Fall Fall Fall -
AAE59000 Mesoscale Failure in Aerospace Materials-Spring -Spring -
AAE59000 Molecular Gas Dynamics-Fall -Fall -
AAE59000 Spacecraft Attitude DynamicsSpring -Spring --
AAE60700 Variational Principles of MechanicsSpring ---Spring
AAE62400 Laminar-Turbulent Transition-Fall ---
AAE62600 Turbulence and Turbulence ModelingSpring ---Spring
AAE63200 Advanced Orbital DynamicsFall ----
AAE65400 Fracture Mechanics--Spring --
AAE67500 Advanced Signals and Systems for Satellite Navigation--Spring --
AAE69000 Multiscale Structural Mechanics----Spring
AAE69000 Orbital Perturbations--Fall --
Biological Sciences20152016201720182019
BIOL59500 Neural Mechanisms of Health and DiseaseSpring ----
BIOL59900 Quantitative Physiology-Spring Spring Spring -
Biomedical Engineering20152016201720182019
BME52100 Biosensors: Fundamentals and Applications--Fall -Fall
BME52800 Measurement and Simulation of the Nervous SystemSpring ----
BME55100 Tissue Engineering-Fall -Fall -
BME59500 BiostatisticsFall Fall Fall Fall -
BME59500 Healthcare Systems Engineering--Spring --
BME59500 Medical Imaging Diagnostic Technologies-Fall Fall Fall -
BME59500 Neural Mechanisms of Health and DiseaseSpring ----
BME59500 Preclinical and Clinical Study DesignFall Fall Fall Fall -
BME59500 Regenerative Biology and Tissue Repair-Spring ---
BME59500 Regulatory Compliance for Biomedical Devices-Summer Summer Summer -
BME59500 Regulatory Issues Surrounding Approval of Biomedical DevicesSpring Spring Spring Spring -
Civil Engineering20152016201720182019
CE59700 Adjustment of Geospatial ObservationsFall ----
CE59700 Coordinate Systems and Conformal Mapping--Fall --
CE59700 Digital Photogrammetric Systems--Spring --
CE59700 Geographic Information Systems-Spring ---
CE59700 Global Sustainable Engineering-Fall -Fall -
CE59700 Multi and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing-Fall ---
CE59700 The Science and Business of Logistics SystemsFall ----
Computer Science20152016201720182019
CS50100 Computing for Science and Engineering-Fall -Fall -
CS50200 Compiling and Programming SystemsFall Fall Fall Fall -
CS50300 Operating SystemsSpring Spring Spring Spring -
CS50500 Distributed Systems-Fall -Fall -
CS51500 Numerical Linear AlgebraFall -Fall --
CS52500 Parallel Computing--Spring --
CS52600 Information Security-Fall -Fall -
CS53000 Introduction To Scientific Visualization---Spring -
CS53500 Interactive Computer GraphicsFall ----
CS53600 Data Communication and Computer NetworksFall Fall Fall Fall -
CS54100 Database SystemsSpring -Fall --
CS54200 Distributed Database Systems--Spring --
CS54300 Introduction To Simulation And Modeling Of Computer Systems-Spring -Spring -
CS54701 Information Retrieval-Spring -Spring -
CS55500 Cryptography and Data SecuritySpring -Spring --
CS57300 Data MiningSpring -Spring --
CS57800 Statistical Machine LearningFall Fall Fall Fall -
CS58000 Algorithm Design, Analysis, and Implementation-Spring Spring Spring -
Electrical & Computer Engineering20152016201720182019
ECE51300 Diffraction, Fourier Optics and ImagingFall -Fall --
ECE53800 Digital Signal Processing IFall Fall Fall Fall -
ECE54400 Digital Communications-Fall -Fall -
ECE54700 Introduction to Computer Communication Networks-Fall -Fall -
ECE55200 Introduction to LasersSpring -Spring --
ECE58000 Optimization Methods for Systems and Control-Spring -Spring -
ECE59500 ElectromechanicsSpring Spring Spring Spring -
ECE60000 Random Variables and SignalsSpring Spring Spring Spring -
ECE60200 Lumped System TheoryFall Fall Fall Fall -
ECE60400 Electromagnetic Field TheoryFall Fall Fall Fall -
ECE60600 Solid-State DevicesFall -Fall --
ECE60800 Computational Models and Methods-Spring -Spring -
ECE61000 Energy ConversionFall Fall Fall Fall -
ECE61200 Advanced VLSI Devices-Fall -Fall -
ECE61700 Antennas: Design and ApplicationSpring -Spring --
ECE63300 Modeling and Simulation of Power System Components-Spring -Spring -
ECE63700 Digital Image Processing ISpring -Spring --
ECE64100 Digital Image Processing II-Fall Fall --
ECE65900 Quantum Transport-Spring -Spring -
ECE68000 Modern Automatic ControlFall -Fall --
ECE69500 Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Component DesignFall -Fall --
ECE69500 Power Electronic Converters and Systems-Fall -Fall -
Engineering Education20152016201720182019
ENE55400 Globalization and EngineeringSummer Summer Summer Summer Summer
Engineering Professional Education20152016201720182019
GRAD59000 Program Management: A Comprehensive Overview of the DisciplineSummer Summer Summer --
Industrial Engineering20152016201720182019
IE53000 Quality ControlFall ----
IE53200 Reliability--Fall -Fall
IE53300 Industrial Applications of Statistics-Spring -Spring -
IE53500 Linear Programming-Fall -Fall -
IE53600 Stochastic Models In Operations Research ISpring -Spring --
IE54500 Engineering Economic Analysis-Fall -Fall -
IE54600 Economic Decisions in EngineeringSpring -Spring --
IE55800 Safety EngineeringSpring -Spring --
IE56600 Production Management ControlSummer ----
IE57000 Manufacturing Process EngineeringFall -Fall --
IE57400 Industrial Robotics & Flexible Assembly-Spring -Spring -
IE57700 Human Factors in EngineeringFall -Fall --
IE57900 Design and Control of Production and Manufacturing Systems-Fall -Fall -
IE58000 Systems Simulation-Fall -Fall -
IE58200 Advanced Facilities Design-Summer -Summer -
IE59000 Applied Ergonomics--Fall --
IE59000 Data Visualization Theory and PracticeSpring ----
IE59000 Financial Engineering-Summer Summer Summer -
IE59000 Manufacturing Economics--Fall --
IE59000 Material Flow Systems Planning-Fall -Fall -
IE59000 Perspectives on Systems Engineering-Fall -Fall -
IE59000 Power Systems and Smart Grid-Spring -Spring -
IE59000 Project Management-Spring -Spring -
IE59000 Structured Engineering InnovationSpring ----
IE59000 Systems Tools & MethodologiesFall ----
MA51100 Linear Algebra with ApplicationsSummer -Summer -Summer
MA52700 Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists IFall Fall Fall Fall Fall
MA52800 Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists IISpring Spring Spring Spring Spring
Mechanical Engineering20152016201720182019
ME50000 Advanced Thermodynamics-Fall -Fall -
ME50100 Statistical ThermodynamicsFall -Fall -Fall
ME50300 Micro- and Nano-scale Energy Transfer ProcessesFall -Fall -Fall
ME50500 Intermediate Heat TransferSpring -Spring -Spring
ME50900 Intermediate Fluid MechanicsFall -Fall -Fall
ME51000 Gas DynamicsSpring Spring Spring Spring -
ME51300 Engineering AcousticsFall -Fall -Fall
ME51800 Analysis of Thermal SystemsFall -Fall -Fall
ME52500 CombustionSpring -Spring -Spring
ME54000 Internal Combustion Engines-Spring -Spring -
ME55300 Product and Process DesignSpring Spring Spring Spring -
ME55600 Lubrication, Friction and Wear-Spring ---
ME55700 Design for ManufacturabilityFall -Fall -Fall
ME55900 Micromechanics of Materials--Spring -Spring
ME56000 Kinematics-Fall ---
ME56200 Advanced Dynamics--Spring --
ME56300 Mechanical Vibrations-Fall -Fall -
ME57000 Machine DesignFall -Fall -Fall
ME57100 Reliability-Based Design-Spring -Spring -
ME57500 Theory and Design of Control Systems-Fall -Fall -
ME57700 Human Motion Kinetics-Spring -Spring -
ME57800 Digital ControlSpring -Spring -Spring
ME57900 Fourier Methods in Digital Signal Processing-Spring -Spring -
ME58100 Numerical Methods in Mechanical EngineeringFall -Fall --
ME59700 Heat Transfer in Electronic Systems----Spring
ME59700 Mechanics of MEMS and NEMS--Spring -Spring
ME60800 Numerical Methods in Heat, Mass,and Momentum Transfer-Spring ---
ME61400 Computational Fluid Dynamics--Spring --
ME64000 Structural Acoustics----Fall
ME67500 Multivariable Control System Design-Spring ---
ME69100 ME Graduate SeminarFall Fall Fall Fall -
ME69700 Computational Fracture Mechanics-Spring -Spring -
Materials Engineering20152016201720182019
MSE50800 Phase Transformation in Solids--Spring -Spring
MSE51000 Microstructural Characterization Techniques-Spring -Spring -
MSE51200 Powder Processing-Fall -Fall -
MSE53600 Solidification of Castings--Fall -Fall
MSE59700 Introductory BiomaterialsSpring -Spring -Spring
MSE59700 Lean ManufacturingSpring -Spring -Spring
MSE59700 Steel and Aluminum: Processing Structure and PropertiesFall Fall Fall Fall Fall
MSE69700 Materials Engineering FundamentalsFall -Fall -Fall
PSY57700 Human Factors in Engineering--Fall --
STAT51100 Statistical MethodsSpring -Spring --
STAT51200 Applied Regression Analysis-Fall -Fall -
STAT51300 Quality ControlFall -Fall --
STAT51400 Design of Experiments-Fall -Fall -
STAT51600 Basic Probability and ApplicationsFall -Fall --
STAT51700 Statistical Inference-Spring -Spring -
STAT52200 Sampling and Survey Techniques-Spring ---