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Production Management Control


Credit Hours: 3

Learning Objective:
Be able to identify the elements of a system; Know how to use the seven common quality tools; Be able to apply and interpret statistical process control; Be able to describe the attributes of production management philosophies such as Total Quality Management, Materials Requirements Planning, Toyota Production System, Six Sigma, etc.; Describe specific procedures for establishing whether changes will be improvements; Determine the cost effectiveness of improvements; Describe the sustainability concept in the context of production management; Be able to apply production management principles to service systems; Describe a change management model appropriate for production management changes; Be able to identify appropriate goals, strategic objectives, and operational objectives for an enterprise; Describe risk and mitigation strategies in a production management context.

Course meets meets 5/30 - 6/23 and 7/10-8/4 (mid-course break)
Background and development of production management, plus current concepts and controls applicable to production management functions. Tentative Summer 2017 Syllabus

Topics Covered:
Production and Services; Systems Perspective; Strategy and Operations; Quality Systems; Production Management Systems; Change and Risk Management

Course Catalog: Graduate Standing or IE 38300. Informal: Comfort with statistics, optimization modeling, and basic concepts related to business processes.

Applied/Theory: 50/50

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Syllabus, PDFs for readings, course lecture slides, announcements, grades.

Assigned weekly.


Three exams (non-cumulative).

Official textbook information is now listed in the Schedule of Classes. NOTE: Textbook information is subject to be changed at any time at the discretion of the faculty member.
Tentative--Wallace, H., Spearman, M. (2011). Factory Physics, 3rd ed. Waveland Pr Inc. ISBN: 9781577667391. Brown, S., Bessant, J., and R. Lamming. (2013). Strategic Operations Management, 3rd ed. Routledge. ISBN: 9780415587365 (hardcover), 9780415587372 (softcover) 9780203079355 (e-book). In addition, there will be significant readings (primarily free through Purdue Libraries) assigned from a variety of sources to supplement the material in the textbook.

Computer Requirements:
ProEd minimum computer requirements.

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Other Requirements:
Peer-to-peer interaction is expected as part of the weekly assignments, so regular participation is required to appropriately meet the goals of the course.


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