Exam Proctor Guidelines

Vital to Our Success

Before Purdue Engineering Professional Education (ProEd) can officially register a new student for a Purdue course, we must establish an exam proctor and/or site representative. Our exam proctors and site representatives are vital partners with ProEd in delivering quality programs and services. The continuing support and contributions of these individuals is invaluable.

What’s the difference between an Exam Proctor and a Site Representative?

An exam proctor is the person identified at a particular location whose main function is to receive, administer, and coordinate the return of exams with the Site Representative for students registered in Purdue ProEd courses. A site representative is the person identified at a particular location whose services are not only to proctor, monitor, and administer exams, but also to provide advice, assistance, materials, and additional support in the promotion of our programs and course offerings on-site.

Responsibilities and Guidelines for Exam Proctors

  • As an exam proctor, you will be responsible for downloading, printing and proctoring all exams following directions provided by the professor on Purdue ProEd’s exam cover sheet that accompanies the exams. 

  • At the start of each semester, ProEd will provide you with student name, course name and number, course delivery method, semester, semester begin and end dates, expected number of exams to be administered during the semester, URL of Web page listing the exam schedule, and the company code assigned to your location.

  • Exams are made available via download from the ProEd website to approved proctors and should be returned to ProEd using the expedited shipping supplies and/or instructions that are sent by our office to the primary site contact before each exam.

  • Conversations regarding exam receipt or delivery must occur between the identified site representative/exam proctor and ProEd. Be aware that ProEd will not ship exams directly to students.

  • If a student needs to reschedule an exam, it is the student’s responsibility to arrange this with the professor, in advance of the originally scheduled exam date. You should receive notice in writing from the professor and the student.

  • Exam proctoring also includes approaching any behaviors that may appear to be dishonest in nature during the course of an exam (or surrounding an exam situation) and notifying ProEd of these concerns.

  • If a student makes a request that would require you to “break the rules” or you are unsure of the request, notify ProEd immediately by phone Toll-Free in U.S. (877) 598-4233, Local/International (765) 494-7015 or email at proed@purdue.edu. Familiarize yourself with Purdue's Academic Integrity Policy

  • An exam proctor must work independently of the student and not be in a reporting position to the student.

  • An exam proctor may not be enrolled as a student with Purdue ProEd.

Students need to provide ProEd the following information about their exam proctor:

  • Proctor name
  • Position (working relationship with student)
  • Company name
  • Full mailing address – suitable to receive U.S. Postal Service and Express mailings
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • E-mail address
  • Web site address
  • Time zone