Purdue Engineering Professional Education

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Print these instructions or keep this window open as you complete the application.

Submit a non-degree application IF:

  • You are taking your first credit course through Engineering Professional Education (ProEd) and don’t have a degree-seeking application in process or complete.


  • You do not wish to apply for a Purdue master’s degree at this time.


  • You want to apply for a master’s degree, but the deadline is past and you want to take a pre-admission course as a non-degree student.


  • You are taking this course for your own personal enrichment or for a degree at another university.

Application Deadline:
  • Applications must be submitted correctly and all supporting documentation must be received no later than two weeks prior to the first day of classes to ensure processing and pre-registration within semester deadlines.

  • University ID:If you have previously applied or registered at any Purdue University campus, please enter your 10-digit ID (PUID) on the application.
  • Campus: Select "West Lafayette"
  • Proposed Graduate Major: Select "Interdisciplinary Engineering"
  • Enrollment Objective: Select "Non-degree"
  • There is no application fee for non-degree applications.
  • Proof of an undergraduate degree by either a copy of an official transcript or by a validated copy of the diploma is required.

If you have any questions, please save the part of the application you’ve already completed and call Purdue Engineering Professional Education. Do not submit an incomplete application.

  • Call toll-free in U.S. (877) 598-4233